The fabulous formulae wall has been completed on the Maths corridor. It displays all the formulae needed to successfully complete the Maths GCSE and will help our pupils to remember all these important formulae. The new Maths GCSE requires all pupils to know them as they are no longer given in the exam.
Pupils in years 11 and 10 have been given a copy of the formulae they need to know and learn earlier in the year as well as the statements needed for the many different rules in geometry. If this has been lost there are copies available to download from the website.

Click the links for help with geometry and the Maths formulae.


Revision Cards

For a very short period of time Maths are providing the opportunity for pupils to purchase some excellent GCSE revision cards from Corbettmaths. They come with easy access to over 10 hours of videos and exam questions with answers which can be easily personalised by the pupil. The prices per pack are £7.50.

There are two tiers to choose from but this will depend on which tier a pupil is studying. The order form has a guide to which tier a class is studying.
Orders and full payment needs to be placed at the cash office in school by Friday 3rd February at the latest. Don’t miss out!

Order form

Revision Grids

In preparation for the upcoming Y10 mock exams in Maths, pupils have been given bright yellow revision grids with links to the website
Please encourage your child to revise on a regular basis in the run up to the mock exams.
Please see attached revision grids for further details on video clips that pupils can access in order to aid with revision.
Higher – Mr McIntyre and Mrs Gordon’s classes
Foundation – Miss Williams, Mrs Critchley and Miss Edwards classes.

Revision grid