Primary Transition

In addition to our Partnership, we also offer a range of transitional opportunities for pupils who are transferring to our school in the summer term. These include:

Diamonds Nurture Group

The Diamond Nurture Group, supports pupils in making friends and learning about our school, especially for those feeling a little more nervous about this transition. We work in conjunction with our primary colleagues to identify pupils who may benefit from this. This support continues after pupils have joined year 7 with our daily diamond group and weekly diamond lunch group where pupils meet to share lunch and their news for the week together.

Champions Literacy and Numeracy

This group is for pupils who may benefit from some additional support with their literacy and/or numeracy as they move to Secondary School. Our specialist team of English and Maths teachers work with pupils to enhance their skills and this gives us an opportunity to work with and support pupils to progress as they move through Year 7.

Transition Day

All pupils who are joining us at Shevington in Year 7 are invited to attend our transition day. This gives us an amazing opportunity to get to know the pupils joining us each September and to give them a taste of some of the learning experiences they can expect at our school. It is also an opportunity to make new friends and get to know the staff at the school.

Shevington Summer School

Summer School traditionally takes place during the first week of the Summer Holidays. Each year this becomes even more popular as our new Year 7 experience a week packed with fun activities whilst bonding with their new peer group. By the end of the summer school, any worries about the move to secondary school have been overcome and many new friends have been made.