The Life of Year 7

Year 7 Parents Feedback:

“He has settled in really well and Mr Edey has been very helpful”
“My child has really settled in very quickly. Thank you”
“My child has enjoyed coming to school independently. He has especially enjoyed the school meal choices and the new subjects.”
“Ryan has settled at shevington really well, I ask Ryan everyday how things are going and he tells me he really likes the school and enjoys being there.”
“My daughter has loved every minute of her first week at Shevington. She has settled in really well and has made lots of new friends.”
“Lots of information beforehand at open evenings helped. My child seems to have settled quickly. Planners are excellent. School has responded really quickly to any concerns we have and the Head of Year has been excellent in dealing with queries.”
“Solomon has come out of school with a smile on his face a plenty to tell thank you.”
“James has settled really well and appears to be enjoying school so far.”
“He has enjoyed everything”
“I think the first week has been positive partly due to my child’s attendance at the Summer School, so she is already familiar with the school site, some staff members and much of her peer group.”
“My child was confident on his first day and was excited to start are shevington.”
“My daughter has had a very happy first week at Shevington. She appears to be enjoying her classes and has settled well. She has commented on how nice the teachers and other pupils are.”
“Very happy, a very smooth transition from primary to High school.”
“Our child is very excited every day to get up and go to school it’s a delight to see and very reassuring especially as this is only the first week.”
“My child has had a great start! He loves the points system and green slips and for a child who always just did the bare minimum at primary school it’s lovely to see him loving school and trying hard.”

Year 7 News

Pupil of the Week Award – 16th February 2018

Congratulations to the following three pupils for winning 'Pupil of the Week!' Isabella Kordzinski, Charlotte Lynch and Harriet Kelly. These girls were nominated for the award by Mrs Almond for the hard work and dedication they show every lunchtime by going to the...

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Mandarin Excellence Programme

Students in 7.3 at Shevington High School are now in the second term of doing the MEP! What is the Mandarin Excellence programme?

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Year 7 Mandarin Masterclass at Upton Hall Grammar

On Tuesday, 7.3 took part in a Mandarin Excellence Day at Upton Hall School. Our pupils took part in four workshops throughout the day. They practiced speaking and writing Chinese characters; they learned about the Chinese New Year and sang a New Year song; and...

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Year 7 Books

Year 7 books will be sent home for Parents to review and sign on Monday 29th January. Please can all books be returned by Friday 2nd...

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Mandarin Excellence Evening

Well done to our wonderful Year 7 Mandarin students for their stunning performances at our second Mandarin Excellence Evening of the year! After just a term of study on the Mandarin Excellence Programme, our students can talk about their family, pets and hobbies...

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