We are delighted to have been selected to embark on the Mandarin Excellence Programme this year and our Year 7 students are now in their fourth week of study!

The programme is an intensive language programme, funded the Department for Education, which will see at least 5,000 school pupils in England on track to fluency in Mandarin Chinese by 2020. Participating schools – with support from UCL Institute of Education and the British Council – are at the forefront of delivering the programme and funding is available to support successful delivery.

Students on the programme are studying eight hours of Mandarin Chinese a week – including four hours of classroom taught lessons – with selected groups of pupils beginning from Year 7.

By working towards achieving a very high level of Mandarin Chinese, students on the programme are being given an unprecedented opportunity in terms of language provision in schools in England.

In being the most widely spoken language in the world, Mandarin Chinese is one of the most important languages for the UK’s future – young people on the programme will be getting a head start in life by mastering this vital skill at an early stage.

Happy Easter holiday Reading to Our Year 7 MEP Class

Students from 7.3 pictured with a copy of the highly acclaimed Chinese novel ‘The Ventriloquist’s Daughter’. Our Year 7 class will be meeting the Taiwan author Lin Man-chiu herself, on a special Chinese enrichment day at Leeds University at the end of April. Fantastic...

Mandarin Excellence Programme

Students in 7.3 at Shevington High School are now in the second term of doing the MEP! What is the Mandarin Excellence programme? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaO7XhOjb48&feature=youtu.be

Year 7 Mandarin Masterclass at Upton Hall Grammar

On Tuesday, 7.3 took part in a Mandarin Excellence Day at Upton Hall School. Our pupils took part in four workshops throughout the day. They practiced speaking and writing Chinese characters; they learned about the Chinese New Year and sang a New Year song; and...

Mandarin Excellence Evening

Well done to our wonderful Year 7 Mandarin students for their stunning performances at our second Mandarin Excellence Evening of the year! After just a term of study on the Mandarin Excellence Programme, our students can talk about their family, pets and hobbies...

Mandarin Evening!

Year 7 parents enjoyed a special evening yesterday, as they came to watch their children showcase their excellent Mandarin fluency in the hall. Year 7 students delighted their parents by performing role plays, and a special song as well as counting to 100 and...

Mandarin Progress

Yesterday our MEP students have been practising their excellent Mandarin. Here's Eve and Callum in Year 7 greeting each other fluently after just a few weeks of study! Well done Year 7 MEP class! https://www.instagram.com/p/BZoJIfDDULT/

Chinese Club

New Chinese After School Club open to all students in Year 7 and Year 8, Tuesdays after school. Come along to learn about Chinese culture and learn some Mandarin!

Mandarin at Shevington High

We are delighted to announce that we are one of just a few schools in the North of England selected to participate in the Mandarin Excellence Programme - an intensive language programme funded by the Department for Education commencing at Shevington High School in...