Summer School 2014


This is Shevington High School’s second Summer School. We have been planning for many weeks and the day has finally arrived and we are going to meet most of our new pupils for September 2014. We have a fantastic Summer School Team of Shevington High School staff and Senior Students! We are ready to lift off!!

Monday 21st July 2014

Pupils arrive at 8.30am and sign in. Pupils are all given a personalised apple green T Shirt that they will wear with pride throughout the week! The gear is complete when pupils receive a customised bag and water bottle. Now the action can start! Monday is Team Building! Pupils are grouped into three competitive houses: Vikings, Saxons and Normans. The competition amongst the invaders is fierce! Points start to be collected! Pupils all experience baking and produce Vicious Viking Ginger Snaps, Saxon Shortbread and Nutty Norman Chip Cookies. Team Building in Drama immediately sees pupils working together with pupils they had not met before and very quickly friendships were established. Sport was fiercely competitive with Tennis, Dodge Ball and Danish Long Ball claiming victory points for the houses. Monday closes and Vikings are in the lead!!!

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Routines are already established and pupils arrive and quickly sign in! Water bottles are all prepared and we are ready for the steaming day ahead! Tuesday is the time to get right down to serious business! Teams begin practising for the Medieval Sports Day scheduled for Thursday! Rehearsals start in earnest for the performances planned for Friday afternoon (in front of important guests!) each house is presenting their unique performance. The Normans present ‘Artemis and the Stag.’ ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is presented by the Vikings.’ Finally, the talented Normans present ‘The Pardoner’s Tale.’ Every pupil worked with skill and talent to produce a coat of arms to represent their invading house. The design made into a vibrant flag ready to wave their house to VICTORY at Sport Day!! The day ends with the Normans on route to VICTORY!

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Wednesday 23rd July 2014

The day is filled with great anticipation! Today the teams board two coaches ready to invade Chirk Castle!!! Competition was rife! Pupils clutched their quiz book in anticipation of finding all the correct answers as they roamed the castle and grounds! The pupils were entertained by a jester as they enjoyed their picnic lunch in the Courtyard. Staff and pupils even donned medieval costumes and joined in the performance. Mr Alty-Hughes made a fabulous ‘BAD’ king!! Back at school and the scored totted up and this time it was the turn of the SAXONS to take the lead!! Tomorrow is going to be fierce!
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Thursday 24th July 2014

Today is a grand medieval day! It is Sports Day and the teams have been practising and the sun is scorching! We need lots and lots of water! The teams are competing when a local ASDA van arrives with the most enormous barbecue and stacks and stacks of burgers, sausages and buns! Not only that the Asda Wigan and Warrington Depots have sent along their very own top chef. We all have a truly magnificent Medieval Banquet! We are working closely with Asda to support the ORCHID Charity which works tirelessly in order to raise funds to support research and treatment for testicular cancer. We received over £200 on the day and are still collecting. The scores were read out and medals awarded at the close of this amazing day! The storming Normans had driven their way to sporting victory![gallery_bank type=”images” format=”thumbnail” title=”false” desc=”false” responsive=”true” special_effect=”” animation_effect=”” album_title=”false” album_id=”3″]

Friday 25th July 2014

The final day of Shevington Summer School 2014! This day will be tinged with tears as new friendships part ready to meet again in September. This is probably the busiest day ever!!! Today there is a huge Drama Production! Today we are getting ready to receive important guests (Parents Family & Friends!). The VIKINGS are cooking all morning! With the help of our awesome Senior Students they have sweated away in the Food Rooms making Shevington Strawberry Scones and Chocolate Chip Cookies ready to tempt our guests. The day has been an enormous success and the Shevington Summer School 2014 draws to a close. We are confident that all our young pupils are now ready for Shevington High School in September 2014 and will be amazing learners and awesome young people! Many thanks to the whole Shevington Summer School Team and the ASDA Depot Teams from Wigan and Warrington for the most brilliant sunny week of 2014!