Summer School 2016

Monday 25th July 2016
This morning we welcomed 130 pupils and staff to our Fourth annual Shevington Summer School!
The clouds cleared as young pupils signed into our Medieval Summer School. Each pupil instantly became a Norman, Saxon, Viking or Roman and were allocated the essential equipment for an exciting and competitive week: T-shirts, bags, water bottles, badges and more.

Currently, Shevington High School has a huge building programme in operation. This is to create extra accommodation and new facilities for the growing numbers of young pupils seeking a place in our successful school.
Never daunted, Shevington Summer School has spread out under canvas! Two huge ‘Big Tops’ have been firmly established on our green fields creating extra excitement and extra space for our young warriors to learn and compete!
The day opened with pomp and ceremony and a Medieval Show! Pupils were fascinated to see juggling – fire eating, balloon modelling and much more! A number of young warriors took to the stage to perform medieval tricks to the huge delight of the audience.
The warriors quickly entered into a day of fierce competition. Each team has participated in medieval arts and crafts where pupils created ancient jewellery and started the work on their team shield in preparation for the medieval extravaganza scheduled for later in the week.
Temperatures soared as teams battled in our Sports Arena – all warriors determined to gain maximum points for their team! Every pupil learned at least one medieval entertainment skill from juggling to diablo in the ‘Big Tops.’
The familiar sound of the beating drum called all tired warriors to the close of the day where the points score was as follows:

Normans 125
Romans 125
Vikings 120
Saxons 120

We are hoping all our warriors sleep well tonight ready for another action packed day at Shevington Summer School 2016!

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Tuesday 26th July 2016
Day 2 and all pupils are present and on time! The young warriors are really sparkling this bright morning! Our school hall is a sea of blue T-shirts and dazzling smiles. The bright yellow tops of our amazing Senior Students can be spotted mingling with our young warriors. Badges are worn with pride and the water bottles are filled. Now the serious competition begins!
Action begins at nine on the dot! Normans, Vikings. Saxons and Romans march to their first challenge of the day! The jewellery workshops continue in a frenzy as warriors meticulously mould and shape their battle jewellery in readiness for a grand extravaganza later in our busy week. Bit by bit teams add ornate decorations to their team shield! Winning points is on the mind of each and every warrior!
Music rings out from the ‘Big Top’ this morning cutting noisily through the mild Shevington air. The ‘Samba Drummers’ have arrived! All groups will be developing their musical talents today! Stars are about to be born! Who will win the points is the question on all drumsticks!!
Action in our medieval Sports Arena is frenzied! Sweat is dripping from young foreheads! The warriors are taking aim and dodging the opposition! The competition is hot! Tonight the warriors will be exhausted but smiling with success or grinding their teeth determined to be tomorrow’s champions!
Behind the scenes, the process of preparing the lunchtime feast goes on! Warriors are hungry and need regular feeding!! Mountains of meaty buns and fresh fruit keep appearing and speedily disappearing at regular intervals!
A regiment of Senior Students are hastily toiling through the long guest list of invitations to our Medieval Extravaganza scheduled for Thursday afternoon this week when the drums will roll at 2.00pm! We are looking forward to welcoming family and friends to our medieval ‘Big Top’ to enjoy an ancient performance provided by our teams of young warriors!
The day draws to a close and our warriors gather in the ‘Grand Top’ eager to enjoy Sir John’s medieval entertainment and of course the team scores!
Out in front are the Steaming Saxons who have impressed the staff today with a magnificent score of 400 points. Closely followed by the Roaring Romans with a score of 350 and not too far behind with 330 points each are the Notorious Normans and the Valiant Vikings.

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Wednesday 27th July 2016
The young warriors are becoming more and more efficient – all on time – water bottles filled with chilled water – T- shirts newly laundered and all ready for battle!
The day starts with a purpose as pupils continue to complete their daily diaries recounting the events and emotions of each day! There are points for the best diaries and each warrior is determined to bring their team to victory!
Today, our ‘Big Top’ is transformed into a setting for a production of Shakespeare’s medieval Macbeth! Romans, Normans. Saxons and Vikings will each be planning and producing a scene from the tragic Scottish play ready to perform in our Medieval Extravaganza at 2pm tomorrow!!
There is a strong sense of urgency in the air today! The performance is drawing closer! Warriors are busy adding finishing touches to their dazzling shields and swords – preparing for stage battles! Ancient jewellery is polished to perfection ready to adorn each warrior as they take to the battle stage!
The ‘Grand Top’ twinkles in the Shevington morning sun beckoning young warriors to get ready to perform their musical, juggling and acrobatic skills! Competition is on every warrior’s mind! There are whispers rushing through the air – everyone is debating whether the Steaming Saxons will retain their supremacy as the drum signals the close of battle today!
The warrior team, busy preparing today’s meaty feast, reports that the warriors have already consumed 800 ham and cheese buns, 400 apples, pears and bananas, over 1000 biscuits and many litres of juice – all necessary to keep our busy competitors refreshed and bounding with energy!
The Sports Arena is full of steamy action as teams meet their opposition. Flashes of blue and yellow T-shirts can be seen as fierce battles get underway! Will the Roaring Romans overtake the Steaming Saxons today? Is there any chance that the Notorious Normans and Valiant Vikings will advance towards glorious victory?

Now for the latest warrior scores for today!!
Impressive scores for the Romans and Vikings who each scored a magnificent 325 each!!!! 250 for Romans and 225 for our Normans!! The pressure is on! At the next beat of the Drum we shall give our final updates keep reading to see which Team is in the lead!!

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Thursday 28th July 2016

Today, has dawned damp and dreary but nothing can dampen the spirits of our warriors today! This is the most challenging day of the week! We all have to be resilient and resourceful as we prepare for our ‘Medieval Extravaganza’ scheduled for 2pm sharp this afternoon.
The scene is busy! The Drummers are drumming, Lady Macbeth is reciting, jugglers are juggling, ’ witches’ are chanting and a fierce and final battle is raging in the Sports Arena! Will the Roaring Romans reign supreme?
We peep behind the scenes and see the final jewels being secured on Lady Macbeth’s crown and the last touches being carefully applied to the many warrior helmets and pieces of authentic medieval jewellery.
We are hoping to see the sun burst through the clouds before long! We are expecting to welcome the press at noon – all our young warriors are keen to be in the news! What confident and amazing young pupils we have! We can only imagine how successful their journey through Shevington High School will be!
The sun hasn’t appeared yet! Instead the clouds have burst and the rain is heavy – an appropriate setting for our Summer School production of Shakespeare’s famous Macbeth!!
The warriors are going to need lots of sustenance today! Juicy chicken will adorn our fresh bread rolls later! Litres of juice are chilling ready to refresh our thirsty warriors!
Our Senior Students are getting ready to serve medieval drinks to our guests this afternoon, Ginger beer, tangy lemonade and chilled Elderflower juice is on the list! The flash of the yellow T-shirts of our Senior Students is always a welcome sight in the hurly – burly of the day!

The Press have been and stars have been born! Look out for our double page spread in the Wigan Evening Post next week!! The rain continues to pour and our Medieval Entertainment arena is getting damp! Time for lunch and our damp warriors are marching to shelter, hungry and thirsty but in high spirits!
Two o’clock will soon be here and final preparations will shortly be underway! Final touches and time for all warriors to dress in their rough sacking tunics and adorn themselves with their helmets and unique jewellery.
The guests are starting to arrive! They are greeted by a jester and music – what a medieval welcome! Let the entertainment begin!

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Well, what a performance! The rain held off just long enough to fill our’ Grand Top’ with 301 guests! We were treated to amazing performances of juggling, diablos, tight ropes (very low!) and a four – part version of the Scottish play! The performance closed with an impressive Samba Band with sounds ringing out as far as Shevington village. The audience was enthralled and our warriors were amazing! The performance was polished to near perfection! Parents clutch a programme of the performance complete with the names of all our Shevington Summer School warriors of 2016 (a reminder of the amazing time we have all had together)
Tired warriors troop home ready to prepare for Day 5 and the expedition to Chirk Castle!

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Friday July 29th 2016

Something mysterious has happened overnight! The ‘Tops’ have disappeared from our field – not a ribbon in sight and all we can see are our empty green fields!
A mixture of smiles and sadness this grey and gloomy morning! Today is the last day of Shevington Summer School 2016. Well on with today!
The warriors are keen and eager to visit a real castle. They quickly clamber on board our two waiting ‘chariots’ – two teams on each – very organised and efficient!
The warriors are still fighting for supremacy – the points are not yet done! Today, warriors will earn team points for completing their challenging booklet confirming their knowledge of the history of Chirk Castle. Our warriors are really ambitious for knowledge and learning!
We enter Wales and there are loud cheers from the teams! The sun is showing its face through the clouds and the Welsh mountains are glistening behind Chirk Castle. The ‘chariots’ draw to a halt on the gravel grounds of the medieval castle. Now, the battle for points is about to commence!
The teams troop up the steep hill to the central courtyard! We are greeted at the gate by a guard in full medieval costume – we all promise to be obedient and to follow the rules of the castle!
We enter the courtyard and immediately the centuries roll back. The warriors look up in awe at the towering turrets and down with chilling fear at the dungeons! Will any of the warriors dare to enter the dungeons today! If they are to gain lots of points for their team they may have to!
Warriors quickly store all their equipment in one of the top turrets this is to be our storage room and our feasting place at lunchtime! We are hoping that the jesters will be in the courtyard ready to entertain us’ medieval style’ as we lunch!
Lunch done and our warriors are off to finish the battle! Teams are busy bustling around the castle and its magnificent grounds! Fascinating facts are found and recorded! We have seen some lovely sketches of the castle’s coat of arms! Just a few minutes to purchase a memorable gift before boarding our ‘chariots’ for the return passage to Shevington High School and home!
The scores are in! A shield awaits the triumphant warriors!
In final place with 875 are Valiant Vikings and Notorious Normans!
In second place are the Roaring Romans with 878!
In first place are our true warriors of Shevington Summer School 2016 the Steaming Saxons with 881!
A huge well done to all our new Shevington pupils who have closely battled displaying: ambition, resilience, creativity, respect and true leadership – all the qualities that are required to make a journey to success at Shevington High School.
Once more a huge thanks to all involved in our Shevington Summer School Team 2016 who have once again made the impossible – possible!

Have a great summer and see you all in September – bright and early!

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