Summer School 2017

Monday 24th July 2017
Shevington Summer School 2017 – our fifth Shevington Summer School opened its doors at 8.30am this morning.
120 eager pupils piled into school confident and ready to start the beginning of their life at Shevington High School.
Pupils were confident and organised this morning – signing in and quickly collecting bags, T shirts, badges and the very important water bottle!

Badges had already placed our Warriors into teams: Romans, Saxons, Vikings, Normans and Crusaders. The strong beat of the drum urgently called all our warriors into the Grand Hall and ready to hear the challenges of the day that awaited them! Each team has five challenges today including: Sport, Arts, Crafts, Computer Science and baking! Could the warriors complete each activity in 50 minutes? Each eager warrior head nodded in unison! We will wait and see!!
Soon they were off and ready to win battles for their team! The warriors strive with energy and skills determined not to let their warrior team down! The teams produced amazing cakes ready to feed the hungry warriors at break and lunchtime each sweet and sugary morsel was delicious and disappeared within minutes by our starving warriors!

The day moved quickly, beautiful jewellery was produced using clay and gleaming jewels. These precious items will be worn with pride at our final ceremony on Friday afternoon. Battles were bravely fought in our Sports Kingdom as Bulldog and Table Tennis Teams fought it out to the deafening roar of their warrior friends!
Serious planning for battle took place deep in the ICT suites as teams made ‘Top Trumps’ – a game challenge utilising great skills and a sound knowledge of famous warriors from the past!

The Lunch Feast came just in time for our tired and weary warriors – time to replenish ready for the afternoon’s battles! The warriors devoured their fresh and healthy lunch showing their hearty warrior appetites! The warriors took some quick exercise and shared some brave conversations as they planned for the battles yet to come!! Before long the drum summoned us to the afternoon! The battles were fierce and furious this afternoon and the air was heavy with competition!
The steady and now familiar beat of the drum called all the warriors finally to rest! Sweaty and tired warriors gathered in the Grand Hall ready to record the highlights of Monday’s battles and feasts in their personal diaries! The air was tense as the achievements of the day were announced!

The battle results: Steaming Saxons and the Notorious Normans are in joint third position with 300 points! In second place the Courageous Crusaders with 310 points and in the glorious joint first warrior position are the Roaring Romans and the Victorious Vikings with 370 points.
The warriors stomped home at the close of the day to rest before returning for the Tuesday Battlefield!

Tuesday 25th July 2017
Day 2 has dawned with grey skies and threatening clouds – just the setting for fierce battles! Will the Notorious Normans and the Steaming Saxons gain ground today? They look very determined as they huddle in groups planning their assault.
Teams burst into action today! Wicked Warrior Tiffin is hastily prepared by the Banquet Teams in readiness for break! We are expecting hungry teams today as battles commenced very early! Severe punishments are in place for any warrior stealing a crumb of the energy giving Tiffin.
Helmets are carefully created by each warrior. Each helmet celebrates the symbols of the medieval team and also the personal skills of each warrior! The bright plumes of the Roman soldiers are wafting gently in the sultry air! The Vikings are looking threating with their deep colours and nose shields! The Saxons have carefully adorned their shield and swords to show their cultural heritage.

The Notorious Normans have decorated their shield to perfection with vibrant colours and symbols suggesting today they need to be feared! The Courageous Crusaders have carefully crafted their swords to an outstanding standard. Their symbolic red cross shining in the light of our Medieval ART Studio.

Break comes at last and the team storm into our Feasting Hall. Water bottles are quickly replenished from our ice – cold filter. Energy – giving Tiffin is quickly devoured and the life blood of the warriors return.
Action resumes with full battle taking place in the Sporting Arena! The Warriors battle it out with Dodge Ball and Bench Ball. Sweat is pouring from the determined faces of the teams. Who are the winners? It will be later much later when the battle results are published!
Deep in the ICT Arena silent, skilled young warriors continue to develop their ‘Top Trumps’ special battle cards ready for a final battle of skill and wits! We all wonder just how long this battle will go on! Will it be finished by the end of Summer School week?

The strong Romans move into the Food Hall ready to prepare the lunchtime banquet. Succulent ham and strong cheese are used to fill hearty chunks of bread! Fresh Fruit is in ample supply – we must keep all warriors healthy and energetic! Will there be enough for the midday feast?
King John has a serious crime to deal with! A large chunk of Tiffin has disappeared! The warriors are under investigation – will the criminal warrior be found? King John has an even more serious issue! He believes that the secret medieval recipe for Tiffin could fall into the wrong hands! A reward of 100 points for the warrior who leads King John to the culprit!
We have just a few clues to unveil the culprit! Our warrior guards caught a glimpse of a female figure clad in deepest navy and a strange multi coloured tabard moving stealthily away from the Banqueting Hall at 1.29pm. King John now has the Tiffin locked in his private quarters in Shevington Castle!

This afternoon the warriors have battled on as usual!
Read tomorrow’s news to find out if the mystery has been solved!

The steamy day has come to an end! It is time for the battle results! There is great change for the warrior teams today! Now, in Fifth position are the Courageous Crusaders with 6oo points. They are closely followed by the Victorious Vikings with 620 points! The Roaring Romans are close behind with 640 points and in second place are the Notorious Normans with 660 points! Steaming ahead are the Saxon warriors with 730 points!
We are ready and prepared for our adventure at the Chirk Castle tomorrow!!

Wednesday 26th July 2017
It is Day 3 of our Summer School and the day has dawned dark and stormy. Today, the warrior armies have their sights set on a journey across the Welsh border! The worried expression on the face of every warrior is questioning if the torrential rain will hamper our mission?
King John announces that the armies will move as expected on the strike of 9am. Well prepared warriors head for our reliable transport provided by a loyal support team known locally as Kenmore! Our strong Senior Student team load our heavy essentials on board. The Tiffin Treasure is carefully concealed beneath King John’s extra thick hoodie! The warriors are off!!
The warrior teams steam down motorways and country lanes and soon we are across the border and deep in the Welsh hills! The rain cleared and the sky brightened welcoming us to Chirk! The castle soared in front of us it looked forbidding but gathering all their strength the warriors marched up the winding, steep bath to the entrance.
We were met by a formidable group of guards who quickly pointed out Chirk’s Coat of Arms. We could see the two blood thirsty wolves peering down on us from high reminding us that this was a castle where over time battles have taken place and enemies have been slaughtered! Fearfully, the armies venture forward and into the main courtyard.
Warrior supplies were quickly stored high in a castle turret but the Tiffin was stored carefully in a secret place close to the medieval feasting area and guarded by six loyal Senior Warriors! We still do not know the identity of the criminal warrior who stole a chunk of Tiffin earlier in the week!
The sun gleamed brightly in the sky and a change of manoeuvre was decreed. We would feast early before the rains returned. Warriors headed for the vast gardens of the castle and found secret places to feast! Immediately after lunch the rain started to gently remind us it had not gone away! There was just time for the warriors to exercise in readiness for battles ahead!
The warriors returned to the central courtyard armed with a mission. Each warrior was charged with discovering some very important facts about Chirk Castle and the people who lived there so long ago. Now the battle had really started! Warriors dashed about question the guards in the castle, sketching the unique Coat of Arms and even daring to go deep down into the dark dungeons to get the answers to the quests! The air was now steamy with competition– each army determined to gain valuable points for their army.
The Senior Student warriors were perfect guards for our young warriors and guided them carefully along the long passages and dimly lit bedrooms of the castle. Whatever the warriors discovered they kept their silence for fear of enemy warriors gaining vital information.
The afternoon wore on and the warriors were elated with their successes but also wearied with their battles. Urgent rest was needed! Tired warriors took refuge on the soft green grass and wooden benches of the courtyard. Some warriors sought precious treasures from the gift store whilst others sought comfort in the ice cream store!
The day was nigh done! The warrior team trudge back down the steep hill towards our waiting vehicles. The sky was darkening again and it was time to head back toward England and our Shevington Castle! The journey was difficult! We had just crossed the Welsh border and were safely back on English soil when we CAME TO A HALT!
The debris of an earlier transport battle is cleared from the highway and we are able to proceed at speed! Before long Shevington Castle is in sight – safe at last! Just one mystery remains but we are a little nearer to solving the Tiffin crime! More news tomorrow!!

Click here to view Wednesday's photographs!

Thursday 27th July 2017
The warriors are tired today following yesterday’s Welsh expedition! However, there is no time to spare more battles are planned for today! This morning, we have a special Mighty Midday Feast to prepare for and some of our Warrior Elders are already preparing a great haul of chickens ready for roasting!
All warrior armies are busy with preparations for the Medieval Celebrations tomorrow afternoon! Ceremonial battledress is being prepared high in the creative turret of Shevington High School. The helmets are dazzling with jewels and Coats of Arms. Shields and swords are heavily laden with stones and symbols. Anticipation for Friday’s Celebration is high and the air is filled with tension.
Our medieval theme has today taken our warriors to deepest Scotland to meet the formidable and noble character of Macbeth. We follow his treacherous and deceitful journey to becoming King of Scotland. Along the way fearful young warriors have embodied the mysterious witches on the heath. Through Drama, Dance and the art of narration the themes of medieval power and corruption have been brought to life using modern songs such as ‘Disturbia’ by Rhianna.
Cheers and roars have resounded from our mighty Sports Arena. Medieval Kick Rounders challenged even the most agile warriors who fought gallantly to the bitter end. The Viking National pastime of Danish Longball heralded a fearsome contest where the warriors dodged, ducked and even dived to their safety zone.
Soon it was time for the Mighty Midday Feast. The chickens were roasted to perfection and the Wild Boar sausages went down a treat. Hungry warriors came back for not just seconds but thirds!!!’ ‘Ancient’ chocolate cornflake cakes finished off our feast washed down with goblets of juice!
At the close of another extremely successful day it is all change on the point’s front! Today, unfortunately our Roaring Romans are last with 760 points, in fifth position are our Courageous Crusaders with 770 points. Our Steaming Saxons no longer lead the battle and are now third with 780 points, the Notorious Normans are second with 790 points and leading warrior army with 800 points is the Valiant Vikings. What will tomorrow bring?
Sad news for all warriors! The warrior thief strikes again but this time it is some of the precious Shevington Warrior Jewels not Tiffin!! Is this the new Robin Hood of 2017?? We wait King John’s arrival from the West on his stead!!

Friday 28th July 2017
The final day of Shevington Summer School 2017 has arrived and we have so much to do today! The Drum calls all the warriors quickly into the Grand Hall to share the plans for today’s Medieval Extravaganza due to commence at the strike of 2!
We are still waiting for King John’s arrival so that he can declare what we are to do about the stolen Tiffin and the precious Shevington Jewels! He will be here before noon. Meanwhile deep in secret corners of the Shevington Castle the warriors whisper as they speculate who the warrior thief could be!
Warriors are split into various armies today! We can hear one warrior army fighting it out playing Dodge Ball in the Sport’s Arena. Their cries and cheers are filling the warm morning air. High in the roof of Shevington, a Banqueting Warrior Army are frantically preparing scones to refresh our audience following this afternoon’s Medieval Extravaganza!
The Banqueting Warrior Army have not forgotten all our weary warriors needs and they have been making an ancient, special edition of Chocolate Chip Cookies known as Queen D’s Cookies!
Meanwhile in the Entertainment Arena all warriors are busily rehearsing for their role in a special Shevington Summer School adaptation of the ‘Scottish Play.’ This play is better known to all warriors as Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The play promises to be spellbinding!
Soon it is time for the midday feast and warriors are quick to devour every morsel in front of them (and more besides!) Following the feast the distinct sound of the Warrior Drum can be heard getting closer and closer and louder and louder. Quickly, all the warriors marched in unison towards the Grand Hall! What could have happened? There was silence in the Grand Hall and Mrs Douglas had a very worried look upon her face!
Mrs Douglas spoke in a whisper as she told the warriors that King John had just arrived at the Shevington Castle and he was holding the Tiffin and Jewellery thief deep in a dungeon below the Entertainment Arena! Suddenly the drum rolled again and King John arrived with the culprit– WHAT A SHOCK – Mrs Fairhurst!!

Mrs Fairhurst hung her head low and fell to her knees before the stern King John! The young warriors shouted in disbelief ‘not guilty’ for they believed she was kind and innocent – she had helped many warriors throughout the week. King John’s golden crown gleamed brightly in the early afternoon sunshine as he held his sword high above Mrs Fairhurst’s head Suddenly, Mrs Green raced into the Grand Hall shouting ‘STOP!’
The Grand Hall was silent! Mrs Green gasped as she told us the Senior Student Warrior Team had uncovered camera images of a ghostly figure – possibly with two heads, clutching the chunk of Tiffin and the box containing the Shevington Jewels! The mystery was over and King John released Mrs Fairhurst immediately without charge!! The warriors roared with relief!!

The warriors were now jubilant and ran forward to adorn themselves with the helmets and decorations they had made in readiness for the afternoon’s celebrations. There was just time to get into positions ready for the grand performance. Warriors clutched their swords and shields some waved their warrior flags!
Parents, grandparents and friends started to pour into our Grand Hall! Before long every bench was filled. Each guest received a colourful programme of the Medieval Celebration as a memento of the special event. Additionally, deep inside the programme, careful concealed, was the secret recipe for the famous Tiffin!

The performance was truly amazing and each and every warrior was a star! The audience applauded time and time again! It was truly a spectacular event! Guests joined us for a final toast to celebrate a magnificent finale to our amazing Summer School 2017!
Special thanks to our amazing Year 11 team who led and inspired our new pupils throughout our action – packed week! Thanks also to our hardworking Shevington Staff Team, who made the impossible always possible at our Summer School.
We all wish our Year 7 warriors of 2017 a relaxing summer and a successful and rewarding journey at Shevington High School from September onwards.