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Bus Timetable Update:

507 Bus Service Being Withdrawn
The 507 bus service to Appley Bridge will cease operation on September 22, 2017. Return journeys can be made using TFGM’s revised 964 PM service. New route information and timetable can be found below.

Shevington Vale   Service 964
TfGM Contract:0375TfGM Contract:03750375
Minimum Capacity:70Minimum Capacity:7070
Operator Code:OLYOperator Code:OLYOLY
Appley Bridge, Dicconson Arms0757Shevington High School1505----
Shevington Vale, Hullet Close0802Shevington Lane (outside School)----1531
Shevington, Plough and Harrow0809Shevington, Plough and Harrow15081534
Shevington High School0812Shevington Vale, Hullet Close15131540
Appley Bridge, Dicconson Arms----1544

Service 964 route: From Appley Bridge, Dicconson Arms via Appley Lane North, Skull House Lane, Back Lane, Hullet Close, Woodnook Road, Miles Lane, New Miles Lane, Gathurst Lane, Broad o’th’ Lane, Shevington Lane to Shevington High School.

Returning from Shevington High School or Shevington Lane (outside School) via Shevington Lane, Broad o’th’ Lane, Gathurst Lane, New Miles Lane, Miles Lane, Woodnook Road, Hullet Close, Back Lane, Skull House Lane, Appley Lane North.

The igo pass

  • 5 to 16 year olds can apply for an igo pass which lets them buy low-cost bus tickets in Greater Manchester.
  • igo passes can be purchased for children aged 5 and over, but they are compulsory for concessionary travel when you are aged 11-16.
  • Do you qualify?

    To get an igo pass you must be:

  • aged between 5 and 16
  • live in, or go to school in, Greater Manchester
  • Costs and benefits

    The pass costs £10 and lasts until 31 August after your 16th birthday.
    Once you have an igo pass you will be entitled to:

  • concessionary fares on Greater Manchester buses
  • special discount tickets, like a System One Bus Saver, to save more if you travel regularly
  • Your igo pass also gives you official proof of age which is required to buy low-cost tram tickets.

    Apply for a pass

    To apply for a pass you need to download an application form below or pick up a form from a TfGM travelshop.
    Fill in the form and attach:

  • a passport-sized colour photo of yourself
  • proof of your name and age – a copy (not original) of your birth certificate, adoption certificate, medical card, passport or EU/EEA card
  • payment details (for the £10 fee)
  • Post everything to the address on the form, or take it to a Travelshop if you can only pay by cash.
    Your pass should come within two weeks.

    If you lose your igo pass

    It’s £10 for a new pass. You can pay over the phone on 0161 244 1000. You must pay the full fare until it arrives.

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