School Uniform And PE Kit Orders

School Uniform:

ShirtWhite school shirt to be worn with school tie.Shirt to be tucked in to skirt/trousers and
tie to the top button hole.
TrousersBlack school style trousers – No fashion trousers including cords, jeans or tight cuts.Tailored fit – not ‘skinny’ fit.
Socks/TightsPlain black.
ShoesPlain black flat heeled school shoes – No trainers, boots, pumps, high heels or other fashion shoes.Plain black footwear – no other colour
on shoe, laces or soles. No logos. No
wellingtons or boots.
Outdoor CoatPlain black – No leather, denim, sports tops or other fashion coats – coats ONLY to be worn
Dark colours acceptable. No hoodies.
If worn, scarves, hats and gloves should be dark coloured. Sports or other fashion styles
are not allowed.
Only to be worn outside.
BagA suitable bag to carry books, PE Kit and personal possessions.
Hair/Makeup/JewelleryHair and make-up should present a professional appearance suitable for school. Pupils will
be advised if there is doubt.
Extreme hairstyles or extreme use of make-up is not allowed.
Jewellery is also not allowed.
Jewellery is not allowed – this includes all earrings, piercings, rings and
Make up should be subtle.
Coloured nail varnish is not allowed.
Acrylic/Gel nails must be natural looking
and not coloured. Length should be
appropriate for school and PE activities.
Hair colour, if dyed, should be of a
naturally occurring human hair colour.
Long Hair below the shoulder must be
tied back for Health and Safety Reasons.
SkirtBlack pleated skirtGirls may wear trousers. Skirts must be
of an appropriate length (no shorter than
2.5cm above the knee).
BlazerMaroon/Burgundy school blazer worn with school badge on top pocket. The School blazer
is Viscount made by Beau Brummel style S39T
Compulsory for Years 7-10.
TiePlain burgundy tie with school crest (Y7-10)
Black with gold stripe running against the tie (Y11).
Black with gold double stripe running against the tie. (Y11 Senior Students).
Gold with black bands. (Y11 Head Boy & Girl).
All ties must be worn to the top button
and tied in such a way to give
appropriate length with a small knot.
Crested ties should be tied in a way that
ensures the badge sits below the knot.
JumperLong-sleeved Shevington High School jumper in dark maroon with gold lines around the V
Long-sleeved Shevington High School jumper in black with gold band around the V neck
with an SHS Logo.
Optional for Y 7-11
(Blazers are compulsory)
Compulsory for Y11
PE KitBoys
Football shirt with logo
Black football shorts
Black football socks
Trainers/Football boots
Polo shirt with logo
Black skirt
Black football socks
Black fleece with logo (optional)

School uniform standards

PE Kits:

Now available at Slater’s,Standish Sports and AC Sports