Primary Partnerships

At Shevington High School we are delighted to continue working with our Primary Partners. For many years, we have had the pleasure of working with both staff, pupils and parents from a wide range of primary schools. Not only has this enriched all of our experiences as we share good practice, it has also provided a smooth transition for many children who then choose us as their secondary school.

This year, we take another giant step forward in building on our current links and engaging in a wider programme of opportunities involving partnership events which include pupil experiences, staff development, resources, and training. All of these enabling us to enrich learning experiences and promote rapid progress for all young people touched by our partnerships.

Primary Partnership Schools

During the summer term, many schools committed to be part of this growing venture. These included schools close to Shevington High School and some a little further away with a particular interest in joining this partnership. These schools include; The Shevington Federation Schools, Newfold, Holgate and Lamberhead Green, All Saints CE, St Anne’s CE, Woodfield, and St Wilfred’s CE. We expect others may join this partnership as it develops further. Already we have begun planning our programme for this year.


Primary Partnerships Update – June 2016

This year our Primary Partnership work has moving along quickly. In September, our first ‘No Holds Bard’ event culminated in some excellent performances of learning in the Performing Arts. The pupils from the 10 contributing schools produced amazing productions of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth as well as some lively Shakespearean raps to demonstrate just how much they learned in one day. The way in which they worked with each other was a real credit too all involved, demonstrating their team spirit. As the year continued, we have seen pupils from all of our Partnership schools join us for a range of events based in different curriculum areas. Reports on all of these can be found on the News section of our website.

The Partnership Meeting

This year, staff from the Partnership schools have met on three occasions. Colleagues from our Partnership schools met to discuss further opportunities to enrich all of our pupils’ learning experiences. This included the opportunity for Primary colleagues to request particular dates and types of joint experiences which will enhance the opportunities available to pupils and staff. All schools were given a calendar to indicate where we could support with particular themed days, allowing our primary colleagues to fit these opportunities around their long term planning. Alongside this, discussions were held regarding other longer term initiatives which will support progression from KS2 to KS3 and onwards. We are keen to share our expertise among those in The Partnership and are already discussing opportunities to further develop curriculum links in Maths, English, Science, The Arts, MFL and Computing.

This year, our work together has also included some shared enrichment experiences including a performance of the ‘Punctuation Show’ which was delivered to pupils from 5 of our partnership schools and many visits to each others schools, some of which supported CPD for teachers.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 22nd June at 3.45pm.

Please contact Mrs Douglas by email to confirm attendance.
For schools interested in making contact regarding our Partnership opportunities, please contact the following staff:

Mrs L Douglas – Assistant Headteacher (
Mrs L Johnson – Associate Senior Leader (Community and Partnerships)/ Senior Middle Leader English (
Mrs L Williams – Senior Middle Leader Maths (
Mrs K Green – Associate Senior Leader/ Performing Arts (
Mr L Wigham – Senior Middle Leader Science (
Mr M Edey – Associate Senior Leader/ Computing and Technology (

The Partnership INSET

As part of our commitment to shared development of teaching and learning across the partnership schools, we would also like to launch a series of Inset opportunities.
Improving Literacy through Drama Workshop
Date: 23rd February 2016
Venue: Shevington High School

Engaging pupils in Learning
Date: Currently postponed
Venue: Shevington High School
Further details about these opportunities to follow.


In addition to our Partnership, we also offer a range of transitional opportunities for pupils who are transferring to our school in the summer term. These include:

Diamonds Nurture Group

The Diamond Nurture Group, supports pupils in making friends and learning about our school, especially for those feeling a little more nervous about this transition. We work in conjunction with our primary colleagues to identify pupils who may benefit from this. This support continues after pupils have joined year 7 with our daily diamond group and weekly diamond lunch group where pupils meet to share lunch and their news for the week together.

Champions Literacy and Numeracy

This group is for pupils who may benefit from some additional support with their literacy and/or numeracy as they move to Secondary School. Our specialist team of English and Maths teachers work with pupils to enhance their skills and this gives us an opportunity to work with and support pupils to progress as they move through Year 7.

Transition Day

All pupils who are joining us at Shevington in Year 7 are invited to attend our transition day. This gives us an amazing opportunity to get to know the pupils joining us each September and to give them a taste of some of the learning experiences they can expect at our school. It is also an opportunity to make new friends and get to know the staff at the school.

Shevington Summer School

Summer School traditionally takes place during the first week of the Summer Holidays. Each year this becomes even more popular as our new Year 7 experience a week packed with fun activities whilst bonding with their new peer group. By the end of the summer school, any worries about the move to secondary school have been overcome and many new friends have been made.