This morning, 7LL presented their class assembly on Random Acts of Kindness (RAK) led by Mrs Lloyd.  The whole class contributed to an amazing presentation which included information on how we can all take part in RAK week, reflections on the values of RAK as well as singing and dancing!  The whole event was very impressive. Aaron Vincent was awarded ‘Pupil of the Week’ for his confident solo dance performance in the assembly.

At the end of the assembly a number of rewards were given out by Mrs Harwood.  These included 100% attendance awards for both 7PE and 7HA.  Maths certificates were awarded to Kiyanna Stephenson, Emma Higgingbottom, Amelia Laybatts, Lewis Bryers, Jasmin Aldridge and Molly Reeves.  The winders of the PC competition were also announced.  Well Done to Sophie Blackhurst and Ella Hirst.

What a great start to the week.

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