Its always fantastic to hear from past students and find out what they have been doing since leaving Shevington. Read Kirsten’s Story and the challenge she is taking on in August for charity.


My name is Kirsten Trafford and I am a former graduate of Shevington High School, I graduated in the year 2013. I went on to Winstanley college and then the university of Manchester. I studied nursing there and completed my degree in 2018. 

Since then, I have been working on a cardiothoracic ward in Manchester royal infirmary. We look after patients post-heart surgery and also take on any patients with trauma to their chest. I have seen a lot in my only two year career-including looking after victims of terror attacks. As you can imagine the past 4 months of our lives at work have been completely turned around and I’ve been looking after covid patients. 

As daunting as my work can be sometimes, I love it. I have taken the experiences of major traumas and crises in the last two years and decided to look where else I can help out. This is how myself and my friend, Sofia Ali, have come across our latest challenge; a walk for Yemen. We are going to be completing an 18 mile walk in August in order to raise awareness/money for the current crisis in Yemen.

The web page we created highlights the most vital reasons why we have chosen to raise money for this cause.

This is the link to donate: