A group of year nine students, who elected to do engineering and construction skills,took part in a college taster day at Wigan and Leigh College.
The college is a nationally recognised “centre of excellence” for engineering and gave our students hands on sessions in motor mechanics, joinery and bricklaying. A formula 1 style race against the clock gave the lads a chance test out their spanner skills, but with the winning time being 3.42 to rotate all four wheels we don’t expect Lewis Hamilton to be in touch any time soon. After lunch the students tried their hand at bricklaying and successfully laid a line of bricks whilst others learned about pneumatics and hydraulics. Following some guidance they were soon designing and building a can crushing machine using valves, pumps, switches and pistons.
Precise measuring skills and a steady hand were called for in the joinery department as some students made bird boxes whilst learning about the excellent opportunities open to them at college.
We would like to thank the staff at the page field facility for their warm welcome extended to our students and staff alike.