31 March 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

I am writing today to wish you all a Happy Easter and take this opportunity to thank you for all the continued support this term.

As usual the students have been amazing both at home participating on remote learning but also as they have returned to school with a real sense of purpose.

The school has a lovely positive feel and the students have returned to school ready to work.  As I do my daily walk around school it has been so lovely to see them in the classrooms busily working, participating and engaging.

We have seen a massive uptake on the use of digital devices in the classroom that staff and students are using them to maximise the learning experience, especially when we have so many Covid 19 restrictions in the classroom.

We are currently waiting for further information and guidance regarding the use of face covering in classrooms for after Easter.  As soon as we know we will update you.

Year 11 are busy working towards their GCSE courses and next term will be a busy one for them all.  We will continue to support and guide them through this challenging time as we generate the centre assessed grades.

As Year 11 are a key focus this next half term will be swapping the staggered finish for them and Year 7.  So from Monday the 19th Year 7 will finish lesson at 14.40 and go to the buses or walk home.  Year 11 will finish at 15.00 and go home or attend some of the Year 11 Period 6 Session.

Finally I would like to remind that the children should continue to do 2 tests at home per week and ensure that they conduct a test on Sunday the 18th April.

Thank you again for your all your support and I hope you all have a relaxing Easter.

Yours Sincerely

Mr J Grant


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Headteacher Update – March 2021