This week year 7 pupils began an investigation on the life of Shevington past and present. On a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning 120 pupils set off in different directions to visit the following localities:
In Elnup Wood we looked at local habitat, the management of the wood and the history behind Mill Dam, John and Taylor Pit.

At St. Anne’s Parish Church we were welcomed by David Gerrard who gave each group in turn a talk about the Church and its place in the community. Many pupils asked probing questions and David was able to respond to these, so that the pupils could understand about the Church being not just about the building, but also about the people.

Throughout the day we also investigated the land use and retail business in the village making tally charts of the types of services available for the community and were welcomed my Rev John Hilton from the Methodist Church where a group of children enjoyed their packed lunch.
Finally, our pupils spent some reflection time at the Cenotaph and made some sketches and rubbings and we discussed the soldiers who gave their lives in the two World Wars.
We all had a brilliant time and the behaviour, respect and enthusiasm from our Year 7 pupils was outstanding.

I would like to thank the Humanities Teachers, (Mr. Clarke, Mrs Chapman, Mr Cornish and Miss Flannery) the Support Teachers (Miss Garnet, Miss Latham and Mrs Blythe), Mr. Baxter, Miss Hancock, Mrs Critchley, Mr McIntyre, Mr Morley and finally Mr Humphries who all gave their time to making the day so successful.
Mrs Eyre Head of Humanities.