5th July 2020

Emergency Plan Covid – Year 10  Remote Learning

Dear Parent / Carer

Due to the continued significant impact of members of staff isolating from school due to Covid related factors either having covid 19 or having to isolate we are having to revise our current emergency plan.  We currently have 36% of staff absent next week.

This plan has been devised as result of the continued increase in transmission of the Covid 19 virus and its impact on staffing attendance and therefore the safety of students.

  • Teaching Staff – Unable to teach lessons in school.
  • Site safety supervision of students at break, lunch, start and end of the school day supervision.

As a result of high staff absence we will endeavour to keep school open, however due to the reduced staffing levels we will have to implement a reduction of students in school strategy.

Following an analysis of the school timetable and the impact the absent staff are having, and our ability to cover the lessons we have identified Year 10 as one the year groups that will need to remain at home and follow online learning on Google Classroom.

These students are just online learning they are not isolating.


Year 10 students will start online learning from Tuesday 6th July and they will return on Friday 9th July.

This is intended to be a short term measure that will be reviewed throughout the week based on the daily staffing numbers.

We will be contacting Critical Worker Students and Vulnerable Students on Tuesday regarding in school provision.

This is a last resort and we have considered all other alternatives.

Thank you for your continued support at this critical time.

Yours Sincerely

Mr J Grant



Online Learning Guidance

Life is what you make it !!

All students will be expected to attend all online lessons, coaching and hangouts and follow their normal timetable on Google Classroom.

  • A mixture of virtual lessons live streaming (Google Meets) or pre-recorded videos will be used.
  • Activities and tasks will be assessed with a Rubric in Google Classroom where possible.
  • Parents can follow the students progress, lesson activities and teacher feedback on Google Guardian. How access Google Guardian is on the school website.
  • When communicating online with parents, carers and pupils school should:
  • Communicate within school hours as much as possible.
  • Communicate through school channels
  • Use school email accounts
  • Use school devices over personal devices wherever possible