Welcome to the Maths Faculty where success for all pupils is our aim. The faculty is situated in its own block within school   and consists of 7 teaching rooms, of which 6 have Smart Boards. The faculty also has a suite of computers that are bookable to all the Maths staff. All years will be taught in ability groups from September based on KS2 data. This enables all pupils to receive the correct level of learning for their ability and make the appropriate progress. All pupils are given homework tasks to complete in their exercise books to consolidate prior learning. Homework may also be set on www.mathswatch.vle or  as part of the homework programme.  When working on these websites, pupils are encouraged to show working out on paper and then input answers into the self-marking task. These websites give instant feedback to pupils so they can see immediately how well they have done on any given task. Teachers can check progress on these websites and help pupils to further develop in maths.

The faculty expects all pupils to have the following equipment with them for every lesson:
black pen; pencil; ruler, protractor, pair of compasses and scientific calculator, these can all be purchased from the school cash office.




Year 7 & 8

Pupils in Y7 and Y8 receive 4 hours of Maths per week. Formal assessments take place three times a year so that the faculty can review all pupils’ progress and attainment. The KS3 scheme of work is differentiated to allow all pupils to perform to the best of their ability.

Year 9

Pupils remain in their ability groups (although some movement may have taken place due to progress made) and start GCSE mathematics in this year. They receive 4 hours of Maths per week. Formal assessments take place three times a year, with all assessments giving them experience of actual GCSE exam questions. Pupils will either complete the Higher or Foundation tier scheme of work from Edexcel.


Year 10 & 11 Core

All pupils at GCSE level receive 4 hours of Maths per week. Some pupils may receive more than this if the faculty feels this is required. All pupils follow the Edexcel Scheme of Work at either Higher or Foundation tier. The Faculty has a number of staff who have experience of exam marking and this allows staff to give pupils a greater insight into common misconceptions and where valuable marks can be gained. Pupils complete at least one formal assessment per term throughout Y10 and Y11. After each assessment pupils complete a personalised revision grid with the support of their teacher which can then be used alongside the Mathswatch or Hegarty website to help pupils revise.

Exam/Coursework Dates

There is no coursework in Mathematics. Pupils sit a final exam which is worth 100% of the grade. Pupils will sit three papers; a non-calculator paper and two calculator papers. Each paper is out of 80 marks and lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. Pupils are graded from 9 to 1 under the new programme of study.

For more information about the new GCSE in Maths, please contact your child’s maths teacher who will be able to help and answer any questions or look on the Edexcel website.