Our History GCSE students have recently returned from a superb trip to Berlin. In the midst of a heat-wave, our students visited numerous historical sites relating to the Cold War and Nazi Germany including, Checkpoint Charlie, The Brandenburg Gates, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Wannsee Conference House and The Topography of terror Museum.

It is hard to believe we packed so much in such a short space of time and still found time for a guided walking tour of Berlin, a visit to a spectacular chocolate shop, a Mercedes museum and the Holocaust memorial in the city centre. As the weather was so beautiful, we enjoyed a lovely riverside picnic and plenty of sunshine on our rooftop terrace with wonderful views of the city.

The students had a thoroughly memorable time as well as an extremely educational and purposeful one. We are sure they will benefit from the visit in their GCSEs. All students behaved in an exemplary manner throughout.