Summer School 2015

Monday 20th July 2015:

Shevington Summer School burst into life this morning as one hundred and twenty new starters, senior students and staff gathered for the start of an amazing week.
Pupils were quickly equipped with T-Shirts, water bottles and bags, ready to begin the great adventure of life and learning at Shevington High School!

Pupils were divided into four medieval teams namely Romans, Saxons, Vikings and Normans. The whole week has a competitive focus and pupils worked hard today to gain points for their team!
Teams all participated in sport, music, baking, research and diary writing. Delicious cakes disappeared in an instant at morning break! Pupils gathered amazing facts about their medieval teams and presented them in very descriptive diary extracts.
Monday’s ‘Catering Team’ prepared delicious picnic bags packed with healthy sandwiches and fruit! They were quickly devoured by ravenous pupils! Our senior student team are very impressive! They are using their fantastic communication skills and individual talents to support our young pupils to success!

Music rang out through the corridors of Shevington High School as pupils composed group pieces making enthusiastic use of a range of musical instruments! The sport was intense and highly competitive! Exhausted pupils cheered their teams to victory!

The close of the day came quickly! The Vikings are in the lead! They have 530 points! The other teams are determined to make their presence felt tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday 21st July 2015:

Day two and the competition is heating up!!! The day started with Vikings, Saxons and Romans determined to put the Normans in their place!

Teams act like they have known each other for ever when many of them met for the first time only yesterday! Pupils have arrived prepared with water bottles filled and bright red T-Shirts worn with pride!

Saxons and Vikings were our expert biscuit makers this morning and successfully produced a mountain of warm flapjacks for morning break!

The Dodge Ball heats were very competitive with strong rumours that the Normans were heading for defeat!! Pupils have used their creative skills to make authentic helmets representing their team. The helmets will be worn later when the teams battle for supremacy on our open fields.

All teams have strummed, drummed and chanted a modern day battle song! We are getting ready for the ultimate challenge? Who will reign supreme at the end of the week?

The second day of battle is drawing to a close and warriors are retreating to the comfort of our school hall to record today’s events in their descriptive diaries!

The points are being totalled but we are going to have to wait in suspense until the scores are shared at the roll of the drum tomorrow morning at 8.30am!

Wednesday 22nd July 2015:

Right now we are midway through the battle of the medieval teams! This morning we received the shocking news that the storming Normans were still in the lead position!

The grey skies and drizzling rain has not dampened spirits today! The stealthy Saxons, robust Romans and the vicious Vikings are planning their individual team attacks!!

We all enjoyed a medieval tasting table at morning break! The Patina De Piris from Rome was especially delicious and refreshing with the flavour of pears. The brave tucked into the Viking Bread loaded with fresh butter. The crisp and nutty Norman Farthing Biscuits were quickly devoured and last but not least were the Saxon Buttermilk and Apple Slices!

All teams have been creative and getting very grubby designing and producing authentic medieval jewellery ready to be adorned when in battle! We have brilliant Roman Coins, fearful Viking Fangs, stunning Saxon Shield and intricate Norman Wristlets.

Teams have made an incredible feast for lunch! No lunch bags today! The warriors have enjoyed meaty hot dogs, hand crafted pizza, wraps with incredible fillings and lots of salad! Chocolate Tiffins rounded off lunch perfectly! Teams are gathering strength and muscle ready for the challenges ahead!

All teams have enjoyed Drama today! Under the expert guidance of Mr Alty Hughes warriors have demonstrated their fantastic performance skills. We are getting ready for tomorrow afternoon’s ‘Grand Performance’ when our Arts Centre will be packed with parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends all keen to watch our performance.

After the performance all our guests will be treated to a’ Warrior Tea’ carefully prepared by our young pupils!

Final preparations are underway for our exciting visit to Chirk Castle on Friday morning!! We are waiting for today’s scores! Will the Normans still be in the lead?

Thursday 23rd July 2015

This morning the Normans are in defeat! The Romans are in the lead! This is going to be close! There are many challenges ahead today and at the close of play this afternoon who knows who will be the victorious team!

Today, is promising to be exceedingly busy with all teams working towards very tight deadlines! The bad news is that Mr Alty Hughes is caught up in road works on his journey from Southport! Contingency plans need to be put in place as pupils are all rehearsing for the fabulous Drama Production scheduled for 1.30pm today!!! Will we manage without our Stage Director?

The drum rolled at 8.55am this morning calling all teams to assemble in the hall. At that very moment Mr Alty Hughes appeared, just on cue and the show will now go on!!

Ahead of us, is a frantic mixture of Drama and Music rehearsals, preparations for Afternoon Tea for our many guests and playing the finals of the Dodge Ball championships!

Before long, the sweet aroma of freshly baked scones was flooding our school building, even reaching the nostrils of our visiting workmen! At a final count, pupils (with the help of our amazing Senior Students) had managed to produce 150 Strawberry Scones, and rather crunchy Shortbread! The Tiffins remain the champion biscuits of all times!

The Dodge Ball finals were held in our Sports Hall and the competition was fierce and very sweaty. The results were close with Normans and Saxons jointly holding the final crown!

Meanwhile, final rehearsals pressed ahead! It is all starting to come together and the musical notes sound perfect! The nerves are starting but not yet powerful enough to put the warriors off their hearty picnic lunch!

The guests have started to arrive and our hall is perfectly packed! Finally, the performance begins and holds us all spellbound as we see the fantastic talents of our young warrior teams. Each warrior team showcased their unique production and finally all teams came together on stage to serenade us with their carefully chosen musical piece. The flood of red T Shirts, the smiling faces of our pupils combined to make an awesome sight and a fantastic memory of our warriors start to life at Shevington High School!

The afternoon ended with delicious refreshments served in our hall to the sound of exciting chatter as we all praised our young pupils for their amazing work!
We are ready for tomorrow! Packed lunches are prepared, drinks are chilling, warrior helmets awaiting! Chirk Castle here we come!!

Friday 24th July 2015

Will our robust Romans manage to hold the lead today? The atmosphere on this final day of Shevington Summer School 2015 is very competitive with all our warriors planning to reign supreme!

Today, we are going to head to North Wales and climb the steep and winding path to Chirk Castle! Coaches arrive early and more than 100 laden lunch bags are efficiently loaded onto our coaches courtesy of our Senior Students!

Warriors don their battle helmets and adorn themselves with the rustic warrior jewellery they made earlier in the week! Just time for a quick photo shoot and then the coaches move slowly out of Shevington High School’s Golden Gates and on to the M6 South! We hope that Chirk is ready for the attack!!

Silence on the coaches as we get our first glimpse of the castle through the drizzling rain! Each warrior seemed deep in thought as they contemplated the challenges ahead. The moment of silence ended abruptly as warriors clambered from the coaches and embarked upon the trek up to the castle.

The warriors enter the castle through the main arch and are greeted by a castle guard in authentic medieval robes and sword in hand! The sun peeps through the Welsh clouds and warms the spirits of our warriors! All our battle gear ( lunch bags,First Aid boxes, water bottles, umbrellas, pencils and more) are stored carefully in our pre – booked ‘War Room.’

The points today rest on finding the answers to the challenging questions on the Green Card! Will any of the warriors manage to battle their way to the final Bonus Question? The young warriors roar out into the courtyard determined to find the answers that could lead their team to victory!

The warriors are keen and crafty! Whilst some dare to enter the depths of the dungeons others streak across the damp flagstones and bombard the startled guard with an onslaught of questions! Looking smug they return for lunch in our ‘ War Room.’

Lunch is quickly devoured! Warriors seek energy food and bananas are in great demand! Some warriors are alleged to have eaten five ham and cheese rolls, two bananas and one Apple! Shevington Warriors left no traces of their hearty lunch in the ‘War Room!’ Time is precious! The warriors have challenges to meet!

Afternoon and we enter the main rooms of the castle! Warriors are warned by stern looking guards about battle noise! We slip silently into the majestic state rooms! Our warriors bring us joy as they ask super intelligent questions that challenge the knowledge of the guards and guides! One super sleuth warrior observes holly leaves resting on the chairs and sofas! What’s more the very same Shevington Warrior worked out the real purpose of the sharp leaves! Yes, to stop you sitting there and sustaining serious injury!!

Armed with knowledge the warriors leave the main building! They are about to descend on the extensive castle gardens! The warriors are armed with a mission! Their hearts have been warmed by the story of the two statues of Hercules and Mars! It seems that the castle grounds suffered a terrible invasion and the statues were stolen from their Chirk home. Eventually Hercules was found and now stands proudly in the gardens! Mars is still missing! Shevington Warriors hurtle across the rolling gardens with a purpose – to find Mars!

The mission is abandoned – it is time to retreat – time to head back to England and home! The warriors are very pleased that they have at least met Hercules and have photographic evidence!

The wet warriors assemble for a quick visit to the gift shop and toilets! We board our warm coaches and bid farewell to Chirk Castle!

The journey home is full of challenges! The traffic is heavy! We move slowly across the border and enter England! Our return journey is delayed! We are one hour behind time! Warriors spring into action and tell parents of the delay! We alert our school caretaker!! He stands on guard awaiting our return!

At long last the coaches pass through Shevington High School’s mighty gates! Weary Warriors are on home territory! Warriors wave their farewells! Shouts of ‘see you in September!’ Can be heard as warriors are returned safely to their waiting families!

Shevington Summer School 2015 has ended! The spirit of our warriors will now grow and grow throughout their five year journey at Shevington High School! We are looking forward to being a part of their exciting journey to Success!!

Finally, the Normans did storm their way to victory!!! There were only a few points between the remaining Saxons, Romans and Vikings!!! Well done warriors all!! Each and every one of you has been an amazing warrior!!