At Shevington High School we are delighted to continue working with our Primary Partners. For many years, we have had the pleasure of working with staff, pupils and parents from a wide range of primary schools. Not only has this enriched all of our experiences as we share good practice, it has also provided a smooth transition for many children who then choose us as their secondary school.

This year, we continue to build on our current links and engage in a wider programme of opportunities involving partnership events.

Primary Partnership Schools

Many primary schools have committed to be part of this growing venture. These include schools close to Shevington High School and some a little further away with a particular interest in joining our partnership. These schools include; Shevington Vale, Millbrook, Newfold, Holgate and Lamberhead Green, All Saints CE, St Anne’s CE, Woodfield, Westfield, and St Wilfred’s CE, Aspull Church, St John’s Pemberton, Parbold Douglas, Mabs Cross, St Andrews, Westfield, St Bernadettes

Last academic year we organised and hosted the following partnership activities:

“The Punctuation Show” at Shevington High attended by: Lamberhead Green, St Johns, Roby Mill, Parbold Douglas, Westfield, Aspull Church, Shevington Vale, Holgate, St Bernadettes, St Anne’s Newfold and Millbrook.

A range of curriculum enrichment sessions for pupils to try out a range of secondary school subjects. Pupils enjoyed the following sessions.

School Session
Lamberhead Art Drama Music
All Saints Appley Bridge English
Shevington Vale English
Aspull Church Computer Science
St Johns Computer Science
Parbold Douglas Languages
Newfold Primary Maths
St Wilfrids Primary P.E
Mabs Cross Science
St Annes Humanities
St Andrews Humanities
Orrell Holgate D&T
Roby Mill D&T