Some of our Year 8 boys visited the fabulous National Football Museum today to explore the theme of British Values through football. Upon arrival, they worked in small groups in the main part of the museum sourcing answers to questions surrounding British values. Some of the topics explored included, respect, following laws, racism, and females in sport. They then spent time discussing whether they felt these issues in the game and life had lessened in present footballing times and how we can further reduce the issues or improve them for people it affects. They also looked into the history of the game, how things have changed and progressed, including things like equipment and technology. They also spent time in the Football Plus sections where they could get hands on experience of footballing tasks. They particularly liked the penalty shot, seeing who had the hardest shot.

We then moved onto the section of the museum with historical ‘penny’ games to play and also seeing how the computer industry in football has changed from the very basic beginning football games to the ultra modern FIFA 16. All in all a thoroughly worthwhile day that fully deepened students’ understanding of the importance of British Values.