This week, form 9.4 delivered a special assembly presentation on the history of Valentine’s Day and how it is celebrated in countries around the world – from Scotland, to Denmark, China and Japan!

A key message delivered by the form to the rest of their year group was that ‘friendship is the foundation of love’. A noble sentiment indeed, but even better if it could be put into action…

So, our talented and versatile office staff produced bespoke Valentine’s cards for each and every student in Year 9 – the cards were then distributed, randomly, to each form – and each student had to write a positive message to another Y9 student.

The cards were collected in and re-distributed to each form this morning – so that every student had, hopefully, a heart-warming start to their Valentine’s day!

Well done to Year 9 for showing friendship and cooperation this week. Let’s continue with that theme for the rest of this year!

Mr Lunt and Form 9.4