Our current Youth Speaks team, comprising Year 8 pupils Hollie Paxford (Chairperson), Aimee Lunt (Speaker) and Sophie Lyon (Vote of Thanks), presented their speeches to Year 7 during assembly this morning. What better way to celebrate a leap year?

The team are busy preparing for the District Final of the 2015-16 competition, which is to be held in Frodsham, Cheshire, this coming Saturday 5th March. A special mention must go to Hollie, who is acting as reserve due to chairperson Eve Wane-Smith not being available for the District Final –she showed a reassuring confidence during this first performance in front of an audience.

Year 7 pupils are currently being invited to express their interest in applying for the next team, with the 2016-17 competition due to begin in June this year. We look forward to an exciting series of auditions!

In the meantime, we wish the Year 8 girls in the current team the very best of luck in the District Final. Go get ‘em, girls!

Mr Lunt