Art and Design

Art and Design Curriculum

The Art Curriculum is designed to offer a learning experience which is both broad and balanced, offering students the opportunity to explore and develop critical and visual understanding in a personal way, and realise their creative potential. Pupils will be encouraged to make progress through problem solving and decision making.

Students will gain confidence through experimentation of different ways of working by using the elements of art- Line, Tone, Texture, and Pattern, Colour and Form and a variety of tools, techniques and processes. The ability to communicate thoughts, feelings and ideas in two and three dimensions.


Observational drawing underpins all our ideas and creative thinking as students work independently to respond to project starting points to develop their sense of identity. Pupils will learn, observe and interpret the world in which they live. To develop the ability to value the contribution made by artists, crafts people and designers and to respond thoughtfully and critically to ideas, images and objects from different times, places, cultures and traditions.


Teaching and Learning

At Shevington High School the Art Department prides itself on pupil’s attainment and unrivalled enthusiasm shown by pupils.


KS3 students are assessed on their creativity, competence, cultural and critical understanding. Teacher assessments are given for homework and class projects.


GCSE Artists are assessed using AQA GCSE objectives. All major projects are assessed by the teacher graded 1-9.



Year 7 –  One lesson a week of Art

Year 8 – One lesson a week of Art

Year 9 – One lesson a week of Art

GCSE Options

Year 10 – 3 hour per week

Year 11 –  3 hour per week



Mrs Penman- Head of Subject /Art and Design Teacher

Mrs Horwood – Art and Design Teacher