Big Book Quiz
On Wednesday 28th January we were delighted to host the first local heat of the Big Book Quiz.

Five teams from local secondary schools competed to move forward to the next round. The teams had to read four books selected by the quiz hosts and on the night answered four rounds of challenging questions.

‘Shevington High Star Readers’ competed strongly showing their knowledge on all 4 books. The team-members; Connor Rollinson, Michelle Nsemba, Helena Grayson, Amy Dunn and Isabella Savino brought together their knowledge of the four books, but narrowly missed out on a place in the next round.

Congratulations to “That Team over There” from Standish High who won after a close run battle. The runners up were from Hawkley Hall, The Deanery, a second team from Standish and our own Shevington High Star Readers.

Well done to all who took place – it was an excellent, enjoyable, close run competition!