Drop in to see Ms Williams our Independent Careers Advisor on Monday and Wednesday break, lunchtime and after school.

Ms Williams is very helpful and if she can’t answer your question immediately or point you in the right direction, she can arrange a 1-1 interview where all your needs can be explored.

It’s never too early to start thinking about your career.

That’s why you will receive a 1-1 careers interview with Ms Williams our trained Careers Advisor not only in Year 11, as you prepare for further education or employment. But also in Year 10, before the final important year. ALSO in Year 8 as you start to make decisions about which GCSE to study.

There is also group work for Year 9’s that runs along with our program to help you make the best decisions about your future.

Within your Personal Development lessons we develop your knowledge of what a career is to people, skills that are needed for successful employment and understanding of where you see your career at present and throughout your time at Shevington.

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