History Curriculum

All students are going to aim to be the best Historian they can be.

To achieve this all students will:

Develop their understanding of chronology and key Historical periods.

Be comfortable using a wide range of Historical language and vocabulary to argue both for and against an opinion, as well as to give their opinion.

Be able to analyse Historical texts and sources of information to help them develop their understanding of the past and the impact it will have on their futures.


Teaching and Learning

History lessons involve a variety of approaches including teacher led explanations and paired work, with students having access to a wealth of source material. History lessons are engaging, arouse curiosity and provide challenge and intellectual stimulation.

Students are assessed on three main areas; factual knowledge, historical skills and understanding. Formal assessments take place throughout the year with at least one piece of extended written work per half term.


Year 7 1 hour per week

Year8 2 hour per week

GCSE Options

Year 9 3hour per week

Year 10 3 hour per week

Year 11 3 hour per week



Mr Nichols-Head of History

Miss Smith-Teacher of History