This week we are marking International Random Acts of Kindness Week. We will be encouraging our students to step out of their normal routine and attempt a new random act of kindness each day of the celebratory week. There will be various activities happening around the school to help students with this. Any money raised will then be donated to the British Heart Foundation as our whole school Random Act of Kindness.

During the week, there will be a form competition to see which group can collect the most donations to fill their charity bag which we will then be taking to the local BHF shop in Wigan. We will also be creating our own ‘love’ installation which all students will have the opportunity to contribute to.

On Friday 13th February students are invited to take part in our ‘Wear it Red’ event. Students can add something red to their normal full school uniform for the donation of £1. This is not only to raise funds but also to raise awareness.

You can find out more about RAK week at Random Acts Of Kindness – RAK