Knowledge OrganisersThe most important knowledge for each lesson in one place.



  • We forget what we have learned unless we keep coming back to it.

  • When we quiz and test ourselves, it helps to move things into long term memory – so we learn and retain more! 


How can I use the knowledge organisers?

  • Look, cover, say/write, check – Read through the information, cover the knowledge and check if you can remember it by saying it out loud or writing it down. Finally check if you were correct.

  • Create mind maps.

  • Create flash cards.

  • Write out key points on post-it notes and place somewhere visible so you see and review them regularly.

  • Write your own quiz questions based on your knowledge organiser – leave until the next morning, next day, or next week to see how well you have retained the information.

  • Get someone else to test you.

  • Use key vocabulary from your KO in sentences.

  • Draw diagrams and flowcharts of key information.

  • Summarise each section into your own words – what are the MOST important facts or details in each box?

  • “Just a minute” – time yourself for 60 seconds. Can you talk about this topic or explain it to someone else without stopping for a whole minute?

  • Draw images/symbols to represent the different concepts and vocabulary.

  • Teach someone else about this topic.