Assessment Stages 1-11

Teachers assess pupils in Year 7 and 8 using ‘mastery statements’. These are items of key learning that a pupil is expected to achieve and master in that year in order to achieve success at GCSE in that subject.

Against each statement we will judge ‘mastered’, ‘achieving’ or ‘working towards’ as demonstrated below.

MasteredStudents have shown a deep understanding of this skill and can apply it at the level expected based on their prior attainment.
AchievingStudents have started to understand the skill and can apply it with some consistency.
Working towardsStudents have some knowledge but they have not yet achieved the level expected of them in that skill.

Individual pupils may be working on different stages in accordance with their individual needs and strengths across subjects based on prior data. However, the system does allow for pupils to progress onto the stage above once they have mastered a stage.

We really hope that pupils will now be able to talk about their learning and progress as opposed to simply stating what ‘stage’ they are working at and we encourage discussions about the report at home to take this format. We feel this is more helpful to the child and more supportive of their learning.

‘Stages’ 1-11 are colour coded in the assessment booklet which pupils will complete after every screening

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