Homework Rationale

Homework can be and should be a way of enriching a child’s education. Here at Shevington High School we want to encourage independent learners that are both self-disciplined and responsible. We want our young learners to leave Shevington with the right tools to equip them once they move onto the next step of their journey through life. Homework can be in the form of a variety of activities, but should always extend a person’s learning.

Aims and Objectives

  • To provide learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  • To enable pupils to make excellent progress academically
  • To allow learners to gain a wide range of skills in their time at school
  • To encourage communication between home and school so that pupils get the most out of their homework experience

Whole School Homework Policy

Homework is central to success at our School.  Homework is seen as one of the principal ways in which pupil achievement can be raised.  The benefits of doing homework needs to be instilled at an early age in all pupils in order that independent home study becomes routine.

Every pupil is provided with a homework diary to record homework tasks and the dates of completion.  We ask parents to support the school by checking their child’s homework diary and ensuring that homework is completed on time.