Pathways Grouping And Rationale

In Years 7 to 9 pupils are placed in Pathways groups. The aim of this arrangement is to provide the best learning environment to support all pupils to achieve success. It allows for the delivery of individual personalised learning within the context of a group of pupils of broadly similar ability. The naming of the pathways after constellations of stars reflects the belief that all pupils are stars and will, with our help, find a way to shine.

The number and nature of the Pathways is determined by the specific needs of each cohort.

Pathway groupings support transition at Key Stage 2 by providing consistency for pupils, allowing them to form strong relationships with each other and with their teachers. It ensures that a number of the initial challenges such as pupils finding their way around the site and forming new friendship groups are minimised. Pupils in a particular pathway follow the same timetable and are thus able to move around school together so locating teaching rooms more easily.
Pathways groupings are constantly monitored and movement between groups is facilitated as considered appropriate to meet the emotional and academic potential of individual pupils.