Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum

Our core values:

  • To offer a diverse range of sporting activities and high quality coaching, that cater for the individual needs of all our students enabling them to grow throughout their school journey.
  • Developing fundamental skills that will equip them for their life ahead; Team work, Communication, Independence, Resilience, Problem Solving, Confidence, Competition, Individuality, Creativity.
  • Our curriculum prepares all out students for their GCSE’s and an education for life. This involves a range of team sports and individual sports.
  • We inform our students of the long-term physical, emotional and social benefits through participation of physical activity.
  • Enrich pupil’s lives through our extensive and varied extra-curricular provisions encouraging an ethic of excellence – Life is what you make it!

Teaching and Learning

The Physical Education faculty is an enthusiastic, highly motivated and fast moving department, offering a personalised, inclusive learning experience, for all pupils of all abilities and interests. Our extensive curriculum and extra-curricular provision, offer outstanding opportunities for young people, allowing the equation of new skills as well as the self-development of social, moral and cultural values.

An important aspect of the PE department is team sports, offering opportunities to boys and girls in a variety of sports. We have successful teams in Rounder’s, Netball, Hockey, Badminton, Cross Country and Football, with many of our pupils representing the school at a County and National level.

Throughout key stage three, students are assessed on their practical performance in sport at the end of each unit of work. At key stage four, students are assessed against the GCSE assessment criteria.




Year 7 1 hour per week

Year 8 1 hour per week

GCSE Options

Year 9 3/4hour per week

Year 10 3/4 hour per week

Year 11 3/4 hour per week



Mr Crookes- Head of Subject/Teacher of PE

Miss Duggan- PE Teacher

Mr Wright- PE Teacher

Mrs Green – PE Teacher