Humanities Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Day 

The Humanities Department at Shevington were delighted to welcome 24 year 6 pupils from All Saints Primary School.

The day started with an exciting announcement that a time capsule had been found on our Shevington site!

Mr. Whitfield, Mrs Chapman and Miss Flannery with 24 excited pupils went to investigate and Mr Whitfield dug up a metal capsule.

During the next hour the pupils began to study the contents finding photographs, money, letters and newspapers all about Shevington in 1903.

Pupils began to think about the social impact of some of the items and try to put them into the culture of the time.

Later on in the morning, pupils were given their own time capsule and Mr Cornish and Mrs Eyre supported the pupils, who began to fill it with pictures, symbols and a letter to show what life is like now 100 years later and to tell whoever digs up their time capsule a bit about life in 2013.

After a very nice lunch and some community and sharing time, Mr Clarke delivered a session on what Shevington might look like in the future, housing, employment and leisure.

The day finished with two of our outstanding pupils from year 7 David Higgingbottom and Katie Newton showing a power point on Shevington High School and how they have settled into senior education here.

Mrs. Eyre said “It was a truly wonderful day were pupils showed their understanding of the social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding of the past and looked forward to a bright new future.”