Mathematics Curriculum

Every student will follow a curriculum that allows him or her to achieve and be successful in Maths!


Challenging Goals – ALL pupils have Maths KS3 goals/GCSE targets arising from their KS2 results, which are aspirational. In order to support pupils in achieving these targets, the Maths faculty always strive to provide opportunities for the following within lessons:

Application, Fluency, Reasoning, Problem Solving & Misconception

Education for Life – not just this lesson! The Maths faculty believe that everything we do in the classroom has an impact on a pupils’ future.

Life is what you make it – A+T+T+I+T+U+D+E = 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5=100%. It is a pupil’s attitude towards life and work that makes THEIR lives 100%!

An ethic of Excellence –Students who are proud of their work and whose work is worthy of pride, who also respect themselves and others.


Teaching and Learning

All years will be taught in ability groups from September based on KS2 data. This enables all pupils to receive the correct level of learning for their ability and make the appropriate progress. All pupils are given homework tasks to complete in their exercise books to consolidate prior learning. Homework may also be set on www.mathswatch.vle or  as part of the homework programme.  When working on these websites, pupils are encouraged to show working out on paper and then input answers into the self-marking task. These websites give instant feedback to pupils so they can see immediately how well they have done on any given task. Teachers can check progress on these websites and help pupils to further develop in maths.

In Key Stage 3 pupils have end of half term tests on what they study and in KS4 they are tested at the end of each unit of work. These might be set as formal tests in lessons or as homework or class work.


Year 7 – 4 hours per week

Year 8 – 4 hours per week

Year 9 – 4 hours per week

Year 10 – 4 hours per week

Year 11 – 4 hours per week



Mrs Williams-Head Of Mathematics

Mrs Holcroft-Second in Mathematics

Mr Morgan -Mathematics Teacher

Miss Atherton – Mathematics Teacher

Mr McIntyre- Mathematics Teacher

Mr Flowers- Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Crow – Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Daniels – Mathematics teacher