The Governors and staff at Shevington would like to offer our warmest congratulations to our 2018 Leavers on their wonderful exam results, and wish each pupil every success in the future.

In the first year of the new 9-1 graded GCSEs, we are thrilled that so many students realised they had met the challenge of these new, more rigorous exams.

Many students achieved a crop of top grades, with top performers (over 7 GCSEs above a Grade 7) including Josie Astin, Ben Graham, Isobel Lowe, Jamie Ward, Sam Cook, Holly James.

We are delighted that our standard pass in English has increased to 76.11% and 71.68% in Maths. Other headlines are as follows:

  • Average attainment 8 points is 46.47
  • Proportion of grades awarded at 7-9 for English and Maths is 18.65%
  • Proportion of grades awarded at 4-9 is 69.03%


On Results Day, the Headteacher Mr Grant thanked the students and staff and said, ‘We are extremely  proud of our student’s achievements and realise this would not be possible without all their hard work and commitment throughout the year. Well done class of 2018’. He added, ‘We are deeply ambitious for all our students and we look forward to reporting even better results in 2019  with our fantastic students in Year 11 and the expertise, energy and dedication of our team of staff here at Shevington who will strive to enable students to achieve the highest of expectations’.

Results and Performance 2017

Shevington High School Class of 2017 achieved excellent exam results. There were some exceptional individual performances.
Results in Maths and English have been above the National Average for the third year in a row.
Whilst the importance of results in English and Maths cannot be overstated, it is important to us that students develop and achieve on a broad range of areas across the curriculum. It is particularly pleasing to see high standards being achieved in creative and technological, as well as academic, subjects. For example;

Subject Name% A* to C

The 2017 results are another indication of the growing success of Shevington High School.
This success is due to the talent and hard work of our students and staff, supported by parents and families. Congratulations and good luck to all of our students as they embark on the next stage of their lives.
The key outcomes using the new measures are as follows:
• 64% of students gained a ‘standard’ pass (Grade 9-4) in both English and Maths.
• 35% of students gained a ‘strong’ pass (Grade 9-5) in both English and Maths.
• The school’s Progress 8 Score for 2017 was -0.33.
• The Average Attainment 8 Grade was 45.1. This means that the average grade achieved by students across eight subjects was just above 4 in New GCSE subjects, or just above C in Old GCSEs.
• 50% of students were entered for the Full English Baccalaureate (English, Maths, Science, Languages and Humanities), which was significantly higher than the national average. 19.63% of students achieved standard passes (Grades 4-9) in all of these areas. 13% of students achieved strong passes (Grades 5-9) in all of these areas.

KS4 / KS5 Destination Measures

Destination measures provide information on the destinations of students who left Shevington High School at the end of KS4. This measure is based on the young person’s activity in the year after they have left Shevington High School (i.e. college/training provider enrolment)
The KS4 destination measures show the percentage of students continuing their education in a post-16 college or training provider; the percentage who went into employment or training, including through an apprenticeship; and those who were not in education, employment or training (NEET).
The DfE publications of the measures are based on sustained participation in all of the first two terms of the year after the young person left KS4. This information can be found on the DfE website.
95% of our students stayed in education or entered employment which is higher than the national average.