On Tuesday, Year 4 pupils from Millbrook Primary School joined us for a taster session in Computing & Technology. It was great to see the pupils so enthusiastic about their learning, and they all seemed to really enjoy the session. The session was on Scratch programming, and as well as supporting their computing work at school, it was just as good for the teachers here to see the capabilities of pupils at this point in their primary education. It was amazing to see what they could understand and create individually within the Scratch environment at such a young age.

Pupils also had the to opportunity to work in the Food Technology classroom where they made their own pizza bagel. Pupils gained knowledge on health and safety, they worked in pairs to support each other when washing up and tidying away and then, had the best part of eating all the hard work they had made during the session! Both staff and pupils thoroughly enjoyed the activities and we look forward to see the pupils again.