Primary News

Primary News

Year 5 Newfold Primary – D&T workshops

Year 5 pupils have been working in Textiles with Ms Pennington this term. Pupils have been looking at the work of Kandinsky and have produced their own creative designs focusing on shape and colour. Pupils have learnt a range of skills including using the sewing machine and the heat press. Pupils have now completed their very own stationary holder. Excellent work Y5!14568101112131416171819237915
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Year 5 Pupils Textiles Project

This term Year 5 pupils from Newfold Primary school are working with Ms Pennington on a Kandinsky inspired Textiles project. Pupils will be learning about a range of techniques and processes including Fabric transfer painting, using the Sewing machines and using the Heat press. Pupils will be designing and making their own Portable Stationery Holder.

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Year 3 In Food Tech

Year 3 pupils from Millbrook Primary School have been enjoying developing their practical skills in Food Technology by making Fruit Kebabs and Pizza Bagels.  Well done to all Year 3 pupils who have made some amazing products and all very yummy!!

Miss Hancock January 2014

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