Today, the scene was set in our conference room as we began our Y10 assessments of Spoken Language. We would now like to pass on our congratulations to all those pupils who have successfully completed their assessment today. Mrs Johnson’s class have been the first class to ‘air their views’ on their chosen topic. Giving a formal presentation is part of the new GCSE syllabus and the fact that every presentation has to be video recorded is a daunting experience for many students. However, today, we’ve seen pupils put their nerves aside and give their best. Particular congratulations go to Tyree Issac, Jake Grant, Bradley Maiden, Amy Olivia Sharkey, Andrew hankinson, Michael Arnold and Rhiannon Palma Cass who really impressed during this morning’s assessments. We look forward to seeing further presentations from Mrs Perry’s class tomorrow, Mrs Harwood’s class on Thursday and Mr Lunt’s class next week.