On Tuesday 20th January, our Year 10 triple scientists visited St John Rigby College Science Department. During the morning they had a full ‘A’ Level style timetable, with lessons in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. During these lessons students investigated DNA in Biology and made their own DNA molecules using dolly mixtures, they also measured maggots to work out their age in a CSI style experiment. In Physics students used mini pom poms to model ‘Quarks’ and in Chemistry they experimented with exothermic and endothermic reactions, blowing up chocolate (what a waste!!).

The whole experience will hopefully help and inspire our students to follow a learning pathway in Science and Engineering when they graduate from Shevington High School. As you can see from the photographs, a great time was had by all the students and we look forward to working with St John Rigby on future projects. As always, our students were an absolute credit to themselves and the school. Well done!