On Monday Shevington High School hosted students from our link school Blackburn Central High School for an amazing ‘Shared Values’ theme day.

The day began with an ‘around the world’ group activity where students from different countries created a document about themselves and talked about their culture. Students from a range of countries, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Sweden, Hungary and Syria signposted different aspects of their lives on a world map and also marked which countries they would like to visit and why. They then went on to use the mini iPads to create short videos about their favourite countries.

At the end of the morning session, our students had prepared questions for Sameera, a refugee from Syria. She spoke about her country, the weather, the food and her dreams of becoming a doctor and one day returning to her home country.

Then our students enjoyed a delicious, continental lunch of noodles, kofta, wraps and of course pizza and pasta whilst they socialised with BCHS students.

The final task was a group tasks, students had to design a multi-national passport cover about shared values and then present it to the rest of the group. The winning team received vouchers for their fantastic efforts.

Thank you to the wonderful staff from BCHS for bringing your fantastic students. Students from both schools learnt a lot from the day.