40 Year 10 and 11 students enjoyed a fascinating day visit to one of the UK’s top universities today.

At Shevington High School, all teachers passionately believe that all our students should aim to reach Higher Education and benefit from all the rewards a top university education can bring. For example, studies have proved that university graduates earn substantially higher salary at their first employment than non-graduates.

As Lancaster is one of the UK’s top ten universities, we took pupils there to experience a fascinating range of taster sessions and learn about university life. For many of our pupils, they would be the first family member to attend university and we are delighted to be able to assist them on this path.

To say that the pupils were mesmerised by the experience would be a huge understatement! The outstanding sessions which included Medicine, Criminology and Law were simply enthralling and delivery of the sessions was of an exceptionally high quality. For example in the Medicine session, the pupils began with an ‘anatomy’ activity where they had to put the organs in the correct place on the human body picture, then they were told about the numerous different highly paid careers a medicine degree can lead to. The main session was a ‘problem based learning’ activity that mirrors exactly what undergraduates experience in their learning sets where each group was given a real medical scenario. Pupils were captivated and did not want the session to end! Many pupils are now seriously considering the courses they will choose even at this early stage.

Pupils also enjoyed a campus tour where they visited the student accommodation and completed a study skills session where they learnt how to revise for important GCSE examinations.

As usual, our 40 pupils were impeccably well behaved and are now extremely motivated by today’s experience and we strongly believe our pupils have the high level potential and the drive and ambition to succeed.