As part of Year 9s charity work for the Support Dogs, teams of Year 9 pupils entered our four-legged race today. There was a great atmosphere in the gym with the majority of Year 9 donating 50p to spectate if they didn’t want to complete.

The winning team was Helaina, Nissan and Jessica who demonstrated amazing team work and co-ordination. 2nd place went to Lochlin, Nial and Junior and in third place was Anakin, Nathan and Adam.

The events today, including the non-uniform contributions has raised more than £600. Year 9’s Support Dog fund has now exceeded the £1000 barrier. We hope to continue our work for the rest of the year. This has been a great opportunity to raise money whilst demonstrating team work – just like the support dogs who form such a fantastic team with those that they support.

Well Done to all those involved and thank you to parents that have supported this event.