Exciting developments at Shevington High School begin in the next few weeks as we embark on an amazing building and refurbishment project as our school expands. In addition to an extension to the Maths Faculty and the creation of an atrium to the canteen, many other areas of school will be receiving some special treatment which will result in 7 additional classroom areas. We will creating a number of new classrooms in the existing building by changing some of the internal layout. Our long named ‘New Hall’ will be changing and many of our windows will be upgraded improving both aesthetics and the efficiency of the school. The will be a canopied walkway to some of the new teaching areas, the Lecture Theatre will be upgraded to provide an additional work space for the Performing Arts Faculty and the School Gym will be relocated. It is going to be a very exciting time for the school.

We will be keeping you updated on the developments through our website and social media, so keep a look out for updates.