With GCSE examinations approaching, it is now time for your son/daughter to start their final preparations. We are committed to supporting every student and would therefore like to invite you to attend the above session. The session will start at 6pm but you are welcome to join us for refreshments from 5:45pm. The purpose of this event is to provide you with some strategies to support your child through the pressures and challenges they will face during this very important academic year.

The evening will focus on the following important areas:-

·Parental Support
·Dealing with Stress
·Revision Techniques
·Technology to Support Learning
·Subject Workshops

I hope that you agree that this is an excellent opportunity for all parents to familiarise themselves with the support mechanisms available in school for our young people in this continually changing world of education. Following the presentations there will be an opportunity to talk to staff and discuss any concerns you may have.