Exams 2023

Year 11 internal exams timetable – W/C 27th November


  9.00am   1.00pm
Fri 1st Dec Art & Design
Mon 4th Dec Science combined:  Biology – 1hr 15m (1hr 34m)

Biology – 1hr 45m (2hrs 12m)

  French Listening & Reading H / F –

1hr 45m (2hrs 12m)/1hr 20m (1hr 40m)

Tues 5th Dec English Literature paper 1 – 1hrs 45m (2hrs 12m)   iMedia  – 1hr 30m (1hr 53m)
Wed 6th Dec History paper 2 – 1hr 45m (2hrs 12m)   Maths paper 1 non calculator– 1hr 30m (1hr 53m)
Thurs 7th Dec Film Studies paper 1 – 1hr 30m (1hr 53m)   Spanish Listening & Reading H / F –

1hr 45m (2hrs 12m)/1hr 20m (1hr 40m)

3d Design
Fri 8th Dec English Language paper 2 – 1hrs 45m (2hrs 12m)   Geography paper 1 – 1hr (1hr 15m)
Mon 11th Dec Science combined:  Chemistry – 1hr 15m (1hr 34m)

Chemistry – 1hr 45m (2hrs 12m)

  Mandarin Listening & Reading H / F –

1hr 45m (2hrs 11m)/1hr 20m (1hr 40m)

Tues 12th Dec Maths paper 2 calculator– 1hr 30m (1hr 53m)   History paper 3 – 1hr 20m (1hr 40 m)
Wed 13th Dec Computer Science paper 1 1hr 30mins (1hr 53m)

Religious Studies paper 1 – 1hr 45mins (2hrs 12m)

  Drama – 1hr 15m (1hr 34m)

Film Studies paper 2 – 1hr 30m (1hr 53m)

Thurs 14th Dec Business Studies paper 1 – 1hr 45m (2hrs 12m)   French, Spanish, Mandarin written –

1hr 20m (1hr 40m) / 1hr (1hr 15m)

Fri 15th Dec Maths paper 3 calculator – 1hr 30m (1hr 53m)   Music – 1hr
Mon 18th Dec Science combined:  Physics – 1hr 15m (1hr 34m)

Physics – 1hr 45m (2hr 12m)

  Geography paper 2- 1hr (1hr 15m)
Tues 19th Dec Technology – 2hrs (2hrs 30m)

Hospitality and Catering – 1hr 20m (1hr 40m)

  Computer Science paper 2 1hr 30mins (1hr 53m)
Wed 20th Dec Geography paper 3 – 30mins (38m)   Sports Studies paper 1 – 1hr 15m (1hr 34m)
3d Design
Thurs 21st Dec Business Studies paper 2 – 1hr 30m (1hr 53m)    


(  )  = Extra time students exam duration

January Cambridge National Exams 2024
Date Start Len Board Component Code Component Title
Wed 10 Jan 09:00 01:15 OCR R184/01 Sport Studies: Cntmpry Issue Sprt Wtn
Wed 10 Jan 13:00 01:30 OCR R093/01 Crtve Imedia: Imedia Media IND Wtn



GCSE Results Day: Thursday 22nd August

Students will be able to pick up their results from 9:30am-11:00am from the main hall. If students are unable to collect they may:

  • Nominate someone to collect on their behalf. Consent MUST be provided by the student from their school email address to [email protected]  BEFORE results day or brought in the form of a letter when collecting. The nominated person must bring photo ID on the day.
  • All results will sent to students’ school email address after 11.00am Please note due to the high volume of traffic, you may experience some delays.

Please note results cannot be given out without student consent nor by telephone.

Senior members of staff will be available on results day if you have any queries or concerns.  After this date, please email [email protected] or call the school on 01257 400990 with any queries and your request will be dealt with.

Post Results Services

If you have an enquiry or are concerned about your results, you can request for one or more of the post results services provided by the exam boards. There are currently two main services provided: Review of Results (RoRs) and Access to Scripts (ATS). 

Please note the following services are only available for written examinations and does not include any Non-Exam Assessments, practical or speaking exams. In line with JCQ regulations, student consent MUST be provided for all the services detailed below.

Review of Results (RoRs)

A Review of Results services offer a clerical re-check and/or a review of marking

Service 1 (RoR1): Clerical Re-Check 

This service is a re-check of all clerical procedures leading to the issue of a result. There will be no change to your final grade. This service will include the following checks:

  • That all parts of the script have been marked
  • The totalling of marks
  • The recording of marks

Service 2 (RoR2): Post-results Review of Marking

The review will determine if the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly and a re-check of the clerical procedures as detailed in Service 1 (RoR1).

It is essential to note that if a review is carried out there are three possible outcomes:

  • Your original grade may be lowered
  • Your original grade is confirmed as the same
  • Your original grade is raised

Access to Scripts

Students can request access to their marked script(s).

If you are happy with your results and do not wish to carry out a review of marking you may request a copy of your script to be returned. Please note non-priority scripts may be used for teaching and learning purposes. If a request for a non-priority script is made, you cannot then submit a request for a review of marking.  A consent form must be signed before requesting a script.

There is a deadline and a fee for each service should you wish to proceed.  Please speak to the Exams Officer for further information – [email protected]


Please find the following important information for candidates on the JCQ website


  • Coursework 23-24
  • Non-examination assessments 23-24
  • On-screen tests 23-24
  • Written exams 23-24
  • Privacy notice 23-24
  • Social media 23-24
  • JCQ preparing to sit your exams

Please find below some useful links:

Hints and tips for mindfulness and mental health with the upcoming GCSE results:

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Please click below for some resources on coping with Exam Pressure.

Coping with exam pressure – a guide for students

DFE resources to help with test anxiety

Resources to help with test anxiety


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