Uniform Expectations and Standards 

Every pupil at Shevington High School must wear a school uniform. This creates a strong ethos, a sense of identity and pride in the school. 

School Uniform:

  • Reduces the social exclusion of students based on what they are wearing. 
  • Reduces tension as students do not have to compete with their peers for the latest fashion trends. 
  • It’s cost effective for parents in the long run.
  • Uniform encourages a sense of pride in personal appearance and being part of a community. 
  • It promotes safety, by making it easier to identify strangers.
  • Makes students ambassadors for the school in the community.
  • Supports discipline and good behaviour.

Please see below the basic uniform requirements for Uniform and PE Kit

Please note Year 11 have a different Uniform.

  • Black Y11 Jumper with gold lines around a V-Neck
  • White Shirt
  • Black Y11 Tie
  • Black trousers/Skirt

Item of School Uniform Year 7- Year 10

School Standard

Shevington High School Blazer  Maroon blazer with logo, worn at all times, to and from, and around school
Shirt  Blue long/short sleeved school shirt
Jumper (optional)  Maroon jumper with gold lines around the V-neck and school crest. 

Black Tailored Shorts ( Summer Term Only)

Black standard fit
Skirt Shevington High School tartan skirt
Tie  Plain maroon tie with school crest
Socks/tights Plain black socks with trouser and black tights with skirts during Autumn and Spring terms 
Shoes Plain black low heeled
Coat Single coloured waterproof coat/jacket which fits over the blazer
Headwear Hoods attached to coats. Plain woollen hat in extreme cold situations (outside only)

Shevington High School – Acceptable shoes guidance

This guidance is intended to help parents choose the most appropriate shoes for their child(ren). It is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of all of the shoes that are or are not acceptable, but by comparing your shoes to the list below, you will get a better understanding of what we accept. If you remain in any doubt, please contact the school before making your purchase, as we understand the difficulties caused by purchasing the wrong item, particularly expensive items such as shoes.

  • Girls: Plain black shoes. (Not sports trainers or canvas shoes or shoes with obvious logos/emblems. Shoes with high heels, which can be especially dangerous on the school’s many staircases, should not be worn.)
  • Boys: Plain black (Not sports trainers, canvas shoes or shoes with obvious logos/emblems).


Shevington PE Kit 

Every pupil must wear the Shevington PE Kit. This creates a strong ethos, a sense of identity and pride in the school. 

All items of uniform and PE kit must be labeled with a students name

Item of PE kit

School Standard

Skort or leggings  Scort Black no logo

Leggings are Black with school logo

Shorts or tracksuit pants Plain black shorts or tracksuit pants with school logo
T Shirt T Shirt with school logo
GCSE shirt (Y10 & Y11) Red with school logo
Outdoor top (optional) Black ¼ zip top with school logo
Football Socks Black football socks
Trainers Suitable for PE

Additionally boys will require football boots

Uniform Standards and Expectations  

All students are expected to be in FULL Shevington High School uniform whilst inside the building. This includes ties worn properly, blazers worn, shirts tucked, top buttons fastened and shoes on.

  • Students must have a bag with them each day.
  • Students are expected to wear plain black school shoes not trainers, pumps, boots, sandals, or canvas style shoes. Shoes should not resemble trainers with a logo but should have a suitable heel.  Any pupil wearing inappropriate footwear will work in isolation.
  • If a student is unable to wear a full uniform for a genuine reason, they must bring a note from home. When this happens, students will be loaned the missing uniform by Pastoral Tutors. Loaned uniform will be signed out and must be returned the next day. If the school does not have a uniform to loan a student, pastoral tutors will email staff.
  • Any pupils arriving at school wearing jeans, be they blue or black, will not be allowed to attend lessons, but will work in isolation.
  • Jewellery is not permitted and failure to remove jewellery may lead to a detention for being in defiance of school rules.
  • Make-up is not permitted. Any child wearing nail varnish or acrylic nails  will be asked to remove them before going to lessons.
  • Any pupil arriving at school with hair that has been dyed an unnatural extreme colour or dip dyed will work separately.
  • Long hair must be tied back at all times.
  • Pupils are not allowed unprofessional hairstyles this includes markings cut into hair or very short hair. Any pupil arriving at school with an inappropriate hair style will work separately. 
  • Outdoor coats must be taken off inside the school building.
  • Pupils are expected to bring to school each day a suitable sturdy bag large enough to fit an A4 folder and PE kit.

Uniforms are checked thoroughly at the start of every day. Minor uniform infringements carry a removal of reward points as a sanction. The sanction may be issued at any time of the day if a student is not in the correct uniform.

Basic equipment    

The lack of equipment in lessons hinders effective learning and independence. We want all students to achieve the highest academic excellence and  take responsibility for their learning. The first step is to be equipped and ready for the lessons ahead, to this end we expect all students to have basic equipment.

Minimum equipment: 


  •  All form tutors to do a morning check on basic equipment and planner.
  • Minor equipment infringements carry a removal of reward points


School Uniform:

You can purchase our School Uniform from the below suppliers

Slaters Wigan

AC Sports  Pemberton

Impressions Standish ( formally known as Standish Sports)

Please click link below for full uniform list



School Uniform Store

Here at Shevington High we run a quality seconds uniform store. This is free of charge for parents to use should you need any items of uniform for your child.

Please follow the link to make your request https://forms.gle/ZLtZkf8u7xesjJjQ7.

If you have any questions please call the school office, the store is open Tuesday to Friday 9am-2pm.