Shevington High School is proud to have a student leadership team who share their ideas about school decisions and policy and who lead the Shevington student council.

In the summer term, Y10 students can apply to become part of the Student Leadership Team.  This application process involves completing an application letter, voting and interview process.

Our Senior Students for 2023/24 

Head Boy  – George Nicholls

Head Girl – Evie McNulty

Deputy Head Boy – Louis Royal

Deputy Head Girl – Eve Morton

Senior Students:

Charlie shepherd

Rico Beattie

Kate Anglesea

Sophie Goodwin Lewis

Isabelle Stansfield

Millie Jones

Jess Liptrot


School Council

At Shevington we encourage every student to contribute positively to the whole school community. One way students can do this is by being a member of the Student Council.
The Student Council provides a forum for every student’s voice to be heard and an opportunity to raise issues which are important for students and improve school life for all.
Each form group will elect a representative. The representative will be responsible for gathering information from the students that they represent and feeding back after meeting. The whole student body will be involved in electing lead representatives.