Music Curriculum

In music we understand that all students are unique and therefore we allow our young musicians to express themselves independently. The pathway designed for them meets their individual needs, is challenging and created to inspire them.

What our students learn in lesson can be transmitted to other subjects and even their daily life; how to achieve with goal setting, self-confidence, interaction with and awareness of others and self-reflection. The music they undertake also develops their understanding of culture and history as well as ethnicities from around the world.

All our students are prepared for GCSE music through performance, composition and music theory including music analysis.

We expect the absolute highest quality from our musicians to reflect that… “Life is what I make it!”


Teaching and Learning

Music at Shevington High School is a vibrant, current and practical course that focuses on all aspects of popular, traditional, world and western classical music. Students are given numerous opportunities to perform as part of a variety of ensembles and musical groups such as school choir, rock band and show band to name a few. Our music department offers our students the opportunity to learn how to play a new instrument with one of our 5 highly qualified and experienced peripatetic staff. Instrumental lessons include Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Keyboard, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Vocals and mixed brass. In addition to learning about various styles and genres of music in class, students are also given the opportunity to perform in the live band for our annual school drama productions as well as Shevifest and Christmas concerts.

Students are assessed at regular intervals throughout the year through homework and class observations. At the end of each term pupils are given an exam on what they have learnt. Performances are recorded and compositions are printed so that students have detailed logs of how well they have performed.


Year 7 – One Lesson a week of Music

Year 8 – One Lesson a week of Music

Year 9 – One Lesson a week of Music

GCSE Options

Year 10 – 3 hour per week

Year 11 –  3 hour per week



Mr Beaton- Head of Subject/Music Teacher