Welcome to the Shevington High School website. I hope that it provides you with a comprehensive introduction to our values, expectations and ways of working.

At Shevington High School we are committed to maintaining the very highest standards. Our task, on your behalf and in partnership with you, is to ensure that all our pupils have a personalised journey to success. Our positive approach seeks to identify and nurture the ability and talent in every learner and to ensure through an array of experiences and opportunities that everyone has the chance to shine.

Shevington High School is a happy school where individuality and difference are recognised and embraced and curiosity, creativity and leadership are fostered. In addition, every learner has the right to strive for success and to have their successes celebrated. We are a disciplined and caring environment where respect for each other, small courtesies and good manners are held in very high regard.

Learning is at the heart of all that we do and in order to prepare young people to become the citizens of the future the learning must be fun, challenging and be about real life and the real world. It is in this way that we will shape the positive, confident, skilled and qualified young adults who can meet the demands of our ever changing world and make their own contributions to society and their community.  One of our unique strengths, particularly for our Year 7 pupils is our involvement in the SAIL project – you can further details here. (SAIL)

We recognise how crucial it is to be part of a team; indeed, this is why we seek to work so closely with pupils, parents, staff, governors and the wider community in all that we do.

Thank you very much for your interest in our work and I hope that you enjoy exploring our website. However in order to get a full flavour of the school, I would encourage you to see the school in action.  So contact us at the school and arrange a visit.


J Grant